ESIC Portal Login Process for Employees & Employers

Employee State Insurance Corporation is a government Insurance program which ensures that all the employees working in the private sector who have monthly salary below the mark of 21,000 must register to this plan created by our Indian Government. ESIC is a small step taken by the government to provide some social security to the workers and their family.

Evolution of ESIC Employer Login

Employee State Insurance Corporation Act was first launched in 1948. After four years of being implemented, it was inaugurated in Kanpur in 1952. It was inaugurated on 24th February and since then this day is celebrated as ESIC day. It was inaugurated at Brijendre Swarup Park by our respected Panditji in the presence of high officials and Dr. C.L Katial ( First Director of ESIC ). Later, this scheme was made mandatory in Delhi and gradually, it started covering all the other states over the years. To know more about the historical background of ESIC, you can visit Employee State Insurance Corporation official website.

Introduction of ESIC Employer Login

ESIC- Employee State Insurance Corporation is registered under the Employee State Insurance Corporation Act, under the guidance of Indian Government and laws respectively. ESIC came into existence in the year 1948 in the favour of employees working in an private Organisation.

ESIC deduct a percentage of amount form the employee salary and it covers sickness, medical benefits, dependent benefit,  maternity benefit and more. ESIC is an insurance plan which is mandatory for the firm or else they can face a high consequences for this.

ESIC plan have an extended benefit for employees as they cover their family in the same. If the employer didn’t register the employee who lies in the ESIC and awaits him/her/they from their benefits, Employee can file a case against them.

How does ESIC Employer Login work?

ESIC Employer Login simply deducts 0.75% of gross salary from employee’s income and pay them back in terms of insurance which covers various benefits for them. As per the ESIC Act, 1948 it covers 3.25% from the employer and 0.75% from the employee of the private organisation.

When any medical emergency is there employee can easily claim his/her/they insurance benefits. When a private firm have 10 or more than 10 working employees in the organisation they must registered all their Human Resources on ESIC.

In some States of India ESIC allow minimum of 20 employees. Those who have their daily income of less then 176 are giving some exemption by the government. Employer Login is one of the option available on the ESIC website along from where all this processing can be performed.

Registration process of ESIC Employer Login

Employee State
  1. Open the ESIC official portal and do the login by filling all the required details.
  2. Confirmation mail is received to the given mail id.
  3. Employer registration form-1
  4. Registration for payment is asked.
  5. Registration letter is given.

List do entities covered under the ESIC Employer Login Act, 1948

Employee State Insurance Corporation under the section 1 covers entities like Shops, Cinema, Newspaper establishment, Medical institutions, Educational institutions ( private), Municipal bodies, Restaurants and Hotel ( Involvement in sales) and few more.

All the above mentioned working sector must have 10 or more than 10 working staff in the sector and it is the responsibility of the owner to register all the employees to the ESIC portal who lies under that category.

Pros and Cons of ESIC Employer Login


ESIC is a government made portal which means it is an legal, healthy and authorised website to get register. Employee State Insurance Corporation covers health and medical benefits of the registered candidates.

It is beneficial for the worker and it’s blood relation as per ESIC norms. ESIC charge a minimal amount from the employee salary and pay them in bulk when marked requirements are needed.

ESIC registration is the responsibility of the owner so, employee are free after submitting their required documents to the employer. ESIC is mandatory to be done within 15 days of its applicability also, getting registered to the Employee State Insurance Corporation is not complex process.


ESIC deduction charges vary for the employer and employee. ESIC is an Insurance Corporation but it is known that claiming an insurance is not an easy task as it requires documentation work. It is a time taking process.

ESIC is an electronic platform which is connected to internet and therefore there might be some phases where technical error arise. There are some common complaint raised by ESIC candidates are rude behaviour from government staff, unsuitable time slot from dispensary, Cumbersome and limited choices.

Even though it is a government managed online portal there is a threat of cybersecurity and hacking. ESIC manages a huge database of the employee from various organisations, leakage of data can cause a huge damage.

Alternatives to ESIC Employer Login

Employee State Insurance Corporation is an authorised platform which performs legal activities and its purpose is to serve insurance benefits to the employees who are registered as per their norms.

Private firm have their own schemes and benefits for the employees which covers health insurance and more. Human Resource is the biggest asset for any firm or industry, so treating them like the king is the priority of every organisation.

Group Health Insurance is one of the options which can be opted by the employee if they are earning more than 21,000 monthly, even if you’re not in working state, Group Health Insurance is the safest option to go. If you’re already a member of Employee State Insurance Corporation ( ESIC ), you can ask your employer to shift you to the Group Health Insurance.


ESIC plan was brought in the existing world to serve some financial benefits to the workers who can’t afford high cost treatment. To conclude the aspects of ESIC, it has some major positive notes and few manageable negative dots.

It is one of the major initiatives taken by the Indian Government to provide some comfort to us. ESIC registration doesn’t cost anything to get registered, minimal charges of 0.75% is deducted from the salary monthly which is served back in the form of Insurance which covers the major costs. Everyone who is eligible for ESIC must register themselves.


Q. ESIC is a government website or pirated website?

ESIC is a government managed website which is completely legal and authorised portal. ESIC can be trusted blindly, the employer of the firm does the needful for the employee.

Q. What are the major benefits provided by ESIC?

It provides unemployment allowance, maternity benefits, sickness benefits, Health Insurance, dependent benefit and more additional.

Q. What is the contribution rate of ESIC?

Contribution rate for employer is 3.25% where as for the employee it is 0.75%. It means employer contributes 3.25% of the wages.

Q. Does ESIC cover all the working employees of the firm?

No, ESIC covers only those employees who are earning 21,000 or less than that. Employees who are having a monthly income of more than 21,000 are not covered under Employee State Insurance Corporation Act, 1948.

Q. ESIC is calculated on Gross salary or CTC?

Employee State Insurance Corporation ( ESIC ) is calculated on Gross salary and on some additional allowance.