Essential Features of WMS

Maintaining and managing your company’s warehouse is the key to keeping your business running. Managing the entries and departure of products and keeping track of every single item entered or removed from the warehouse are the main things included in warehouse management. However, doing so manually has never been an easy task. There are always chances of mistakes that can lead you to beat some big losses as well.

The best thing you can do in this regard is to get a warehouse management software system. A WMS system helps you to manage your company’s inventory in the best possible ways. Most of the functions will get automated, saving a lot of your time. Chances of errors are also. minimized when you are relying on a software program.

You cannot just go and get a WMS system for your company, organization, or business. You must have information about the basic features that must be present in your selected software. However, before heading toward the features, you first need to know about the WMS system. So, without further ado, let’s go through these details.

What is the WMS System?

WMS is software that is designed to manage your inventory more efficiently. This software streamlines all the procedures taking place in the warehouse so that it becomes easy for you to handle and track them. The key purpose of this software is to move goods and products along in the most appropriate way.

Warehouse management software keeps an eye on the whole system of your inventory. Design of your warehouse, inventory tracking, picking and packing goods, delivering, receiving, shipping, and laboring, everything related to the warehouse is managed by WMS.

Essential Features of the WMS System

You need to be very careful when picking WMS for your business. The software with some specific features can be the right fit to manage your inventory. So you must look for these features when finding a WMS system for your business. The following are the essential features that must be present in your selected WMS.


This is the first feature that must be present in your WMS. When you buy goods, you need to receive them. Your WMS should handle this process. It must keep a track of every product or good you received. There might be discrepancies in the amount of goods you ordered and received. Therefore, tracking the receiving is essential. It becomes even more important when you are dealing with fast-moving products.

Inventory Management

A good WMS must be able to manage the inventory appropriately. It must be able to track every piece of information related to your warehouse and update it on the dashboard. It allows the software to make updated information readily accessible to anyone who has permission.

Picking and Packaging

Picking goods from your inventory can be a real struggle. However, with WMS it is no longer a difficult task. Whenever you receive an order, you just give the audio or visual command to the software and it will prepare the list of goods to be picked. It can sort and provide a printout of these lists. When you have the list in your hand, it will be way easier for you to pick the goods.

The next step is the packaging. WMS must be helpful in this regard as well. You need to pack the goods depending on the order. WMS can provide a brief guide on packaging as well.

Order Management

This is probably the most significant feature of any WMS system. Order management is the process of capturing, picking, packaging, tracking, and fulfilling the order of your clients or customers. WMS must be able to manage orders. It can do so by regulating the flow of goods in your warehouse. Furthermore, it provides you with details about your inventory that helps manage orders.

It can also assist Warehouse managers in data entry and other similar operations. It automates all these things which makes order management pretty comfortable for warehouse executives.

Bottom Line

A WMS system with the aforementioned features can be a valuable addition to your business or organization. Without these features, WMS is almost useless. Therefore, make sure that you must always consider these features whenever getting WMS for your business.