Everything about Father’s Day: A Guide

Father’s Day is ready to come and knock on our doors but are you all prepped for the celebrations you are having for that super dad of yours? Relax, we know it is too much, but the day is for our loving dads, and nothing is too much for that one remarkable man in our lives. Gear up because we are going on a tour where you will get to learn about Father’s Day, from history to what kind of gift you should get for your superhero dad. 

Fathers are the superheroes we get to see every day. They may not have those filmy superpowers, but their powers are much better than filmy ones. Since the beginning of fatherhood, they have tried to let their children live peacefully. Father’s Day is all about the efforts, struggles, sacrifices, love and affection they have been showering upon their kids and family. Fathers do not let anything harm their kids and make the perfect superheroes in real life. 

Origin of Father’s Day

Did you know that Father’s Day was inspired by Mother’s Day? In 1914, Mother’s Day was announced as a national holiday. Sonora Smart Dodd was one of six children raised by their single father, she began her campaign to make Father’s Day a national holiday, and she drew the idea from Mother’s Day. Fathers, like mothers, she believed, should be honoured. For a year, Dodd petitioned her local community and government to begin the practice. The Great Depression and World War II, on the other hand, bolstered Father’s Day’s popularity as, during the Great Depression, struggling retailers promoted the gift-giving holiday. Father’s Day became a way of honouring the many fathers serving in the military. When President Nixon, in 1972, issued the proclamation establishing Father’s Day as a holiday, it became a national institution.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day

This one special is dedicated to our loving and respected fathers, and that is why we, their kids, should celebrate it with full vigour. There are plenty of ways in which you can celebrate this blissful day to make your dad feel more loved. Different traditions are marked specially for Father’s Day in various other countries. Some of the ideas are listed below. Read on!

Cake Ceremony

A celebration without cake is not considered a celebration. This Father’s Day, get a heavenly cake of your dad’s favourite flavour and have a fantastic cake cutting ceremony to cherish forever.

Balloon and Floral Decoration

A cake-cutting ceremony without a lavishing backdrop is something you should avoid this Father’s Day. A nicely decorated hall with vibrant coloured flowers and balloons will be a perfect way of celebrating your dad’s special day.

A Family Picnic

A picnic is one of the best ideas to celebrate a quality Father’s Day with your dad and other family members. Grab some delightful homemade foods, choose a perfect venue, and bring some exciting games to make the celebration more happening. 

Family Movie Night

Set up your home theatre, get your father’s favourite 90s movie, a tub of popcorn, and cans of sodas and get ready to spend one of the best movie nights featuring your dad’s favourite movie. 

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Any occasion is incomplete without a gift. Gift receiving is, to be honest, one of the vital moments of Father’s day for our dads. They love receiving gifts on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Father’s Day. Below are some fabulous ideas for Fathers Day gifts for you to surprise your dad and make his smile wider. 


Get your father a designer lather wallet that will complement his overall lifestyle. It will illuminate your thoughts and efforts, and it will surely be a perfect medium for your dad’s surprise and happiness. 

Grooming Kit

Get a grooming kit that includes some daily essentials, such as face wash, soap bar, shaving foam, aftershave moisturiser etc. The kit also contains perfumes and deodorants along with face scrub and talc. Remind your busy-bee dad to take out time for himself. 

Office Essentials

A hamper of office essentials will be a valuable gift for him to focus more on his office lifestyle. The hamper can have a name engraved pen, a personalised diary and notepad, a set of highlighters and a sticky notepad pack. You can also customise it with the things your dad needs the most. 

We hope this space has enlightened you and helped you plan the best surprise gift for your dad to make him feel extra special and loved. Capture those cherishable moments for eternity. Happy Father’s Day!

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