Everything you Need to Know About Retainers

In the dream world, it is possible to snap fingers and have a correct smile. However, you need to do a lot in the real world to achieve that. The retention phase occurs once you remove your braces, meaning retainers protect the aligned smile. However, you might have issues wearing the retainer with time because of its discomfort. Retainers in Leander are orthodontic appliances used to keep straightened teeth checked after completing the active phase treatment. Remember, teeth are naturally stubborn, meaning they need enough pressure to put them in their correct position.

Below we discuss all you should know about retainers.

How Long Can You Wear Retainers After Treatment?

Most retainers are worn continuously for a particular number of hours to keep teeth in check. Medics recommend you to wear retainers overnight because you will be asleep for many hours at a go. The retainer will become part of your life even though you will have issues in the first few days.

Types of Retainers

Modern technology has made it possible to offer patients orthodontic appliances like braces. All retainers have the same flexibility, and below we look at the different types;

1.  Fixed Retainers

Fixed retainers are made of a thin wire bonded behind top teeth. These retainers are beneficial for people with huge spaces between the front teeth according to this dentist who offers dental bridges in Stafford VA. Fixed retainers keep the teeth in perfect condition after the space closes completely. It will also help to be careful when cleaning these retainers because they are delicate. These retainers also have the best outcome because the bonded wire gives teeth the perfect alignment.

2.  Removable Retainers

There are different types of removable retainers available. The Essix and Hawley models are made to fit your mouth perfectly.

·         Hawley retainers– are among the oldest retainers in the market. These containers consist of steel, and they fit in the mouth by wrapping wires around the teeth. This wire is combined with an arch that rests at the mouth’s roof. Most orthodontists are shifting from Hawley retainers, but they help in certain instances.

·         Essix Retainers– they resemble clear retainers used alongside the Invisalign system. These retainers are made using plastic and are designed to fit the patient’s mouth. These retainers cover the whole teeth arch and can serve you for long.

How to Look After Your Retainer

Even though most retainers are dissimilar, they all have the exact instructions. They have a case to be stored when not in use, and you should brush it often to keep it clean. Also, ensure you remove your retainer before eating to help it last.

Teeth take a lot of time to settle in the correct position. Your muscles and bones adapt to orthodontic changes, meaning your teeth might go out of alignment if you do not wear the retainer at the right time.

The effects of a bad smile can be devastating to your confidence. However, retainers help to keep teeth aligned after treatment and are becoming increasingly common. They are affordable and have significant health benefits. Our experts at Pendleton Orthodontics have all it takes to help you achieve your desired smile. Reach out via an online scheduler to set an appointment.

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