Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Diamond Ring

User are aware of the importance of buying such a special jewel, a 1 carat solitaire diamond ring is surely one of the most important jewels that exist.

Therefore, experts want to help you have all the necessary information, before making a decision, either as a gift or as an investment.

As you surely know, designers are specialized in bridal jewelry, that’s why she like to see it as the beginning of a whole collection for her, the design you choose will mark the way for the rest of your wedding jewelry.

How much does 1 carat solitaire ring cost?

It is the question that you are surely asking yourself, and the best answer designer can give you is:

In a gold and solitaire Diamond Rings In Perth, most of the price will be determined by the size and quality of the stone you want to put on it.

What you should take into account to choose the best diamond solitaire

When choosing such a unique jewel, or asking designers for a personalized design, you should take into account and in this order:

What is the purpose of the purchase: Investment, anniversary gift, engagement gift … etc.

What budget do you have: It is important that you set a price cap, so designer can work on different proposals adjusting to your budget?

Quality, color, purity and size (carat weight)

Design of the ring in which the stone will go.

Trust a qualified professional

Designer’s main advice when asked where to buy a good diamond solitaire ring is always the same: in a trusted professional establishment.

You must trust a qualified professional to advise you in such a special purchase decision; in addition to that, it is always advised that the diamond be accompanied by an official certificate, issued by a prestigious independent laboratory such as HDR or GIA.

Certified diamonds, qualities and prices

As already commented that in the price of a solitaire ring what influences the most is the value of the diamond it carries.

To assess a stone jeweler take into account various parameters, such as color, its degree of purity, size, polishing or fluorescence.

All these factors, together with the size and carat weight of the diamond, are what will determine the final value.

It is important therefore that all these parameters are qualified by a professional gemologist.

For diamonds of larger sizes, good jeweler recommends that they be accompanied by an official certificate from the most recognized laboratories worldwide.

Quick questions and answers about diamond solitaire ring

In which hand is it carried? And on what finger?

It is normally worn on the left hand, and on the ring finger. Although customs change according to country or even differ within each autonomous community,

For all it is a personal matter, you can choose where to take it according to your own tastes.

How much should you spend on an order ring?

The request for a hand is something so special that you should invest as much as you can within your means, but how much would be reasonable?

Since each person has their own income level, it is impossible to tell you how much money to invest in an order ring, but it is advised that, an amount that ranges between 1 and 3 times your monthly income could be a reference value.

What is a jewelry frame?

A mount is the place where the stone is mounted, in the case of a solitaire engagement ring, it would be the gold ring itself in which the gemstone goes.

In general, for this type of rings, you usually choose simple and thin frames, so that the protagonist is the diamond, either in brilliant cut or in any other chosen size.

What does crimp mean?

The setting is the way in which the ring holds the stone, in the case of a solitaire what is most often used is a setting with four claws.

There are also solitaires set with six and even eight claws.