Exo aipowered 220m serieshalltechcrunch | Manages to Generate Huge Funding Of $200M for commercializing of ultrasound device

Exo has indeed taken a revolutionary step with its best-in-class approach of taking ultrasound device to homes of the common person in the United States of America. Unlike other nations, where takingultrasound device to home is not legal, it is indeed a task. said by Emilia Flores, co-founder of UK Bad Credit Loans. However, with the change in society, things are indeed progressing towards right platform.

Hence, one can see a brand like Exo taking its plans to another level with makingultrasound device a common part of leaving in the US, with progress expansion plans North America, Asia and Europe. With $200M (USD) funding in their round three fundraising, things are indeed looking creative and magical. RA Capital Management, while BlackRock, Sands Capital, Avidity Partners, Pura Vida Investments did make an impact in this funding round with previous investors of the company avoid scammers in trading.

The brand came into the market in the summer of 2015, with an aim to make ultrasound device cheaper and friendly to use for those who need fast tracking for seeing the movement of the baby, while pregnancy and other situations for which this equipment has been used. Now they have raised over 300 million investments since 2015. It also includes investment of $40 million in the year of 2020 when the global covid pandemic did hit the whole world. Hence, this investment did help the organisation to shine a creative manner.

The cost of ultrasound machines is indeed too much for a household, which has been estimated at around $40,000 to $250,000 for just the basic machine. However, Exo does offer the ultrasound machine at a cost of an average laptop or mid to high range mobile.  

Akkaraju, who is the CEO of Exo, believes that ultrasound holds the key to make an impact in the coming years as it does not have any side effects. In fact, a person can learn a lot about his or her body with the help of this. Hence, in the United States, people are buying products fromExo for keep on checking their health for multiple reasons.

The brands aim to take the technology in hands of every physician. It can help the patient levelto reduce the patient level, where in the United States one in every three people do face health related problems after the age of 30 to 35. Hence, it does make the cost of leaving very hight. Unlike the United Kingdom, the healthcare is not free in the United States of America. This is why working on every process for leading to make the health of people better can indeed do wonders. This is the best part about Exo as they have made a change in the society with their quality equipment at a very reasonable amount. This does indeed tell their aim. With the help of artificial intelligence, Exo aims to bring the world-class ultrasound device for making an impact in a creative form. The process of buying their equipment is very much easy and does not take a lot to complete the process one can buy the product in just 10 minutes which is indeed creative.

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