Experts Guide to Smell Amazing in Spring Summer

Looking forward to shining through the spring-summer season? Follow these expert tips to smell amazing in the spring-summer season with marvelous fragrances.

In the spring-summer season when nature is changing itself, waking up from a long nap taken during the winter season, it is time to give a change to your personality as well. You must have changed your fragrances in the winter season to beat the cold waves with your amazing strong scent. Since you are well aware that the scents working wonders in the winter season will be a bit too much for the spring-summer time, you need to give it a twist. To help you in finding the perfect fragrance for the warmer seasons, we have curated expert’s guide to smell amazing in the spring-summer season.

Keep the Fragrance Light:
You must have enjoyed that strong woody and spicy perfumes in the winter season but it is time to give them a little rest and switch back to the light fragrances. The temperature around you is rising and you do not need a lot of heat for the perfume to evaporate. A light fragrance with gentle smell will travel around with mildest of heat. If you will wear too strong perfumes especially during the day time, it can get mixed up with the hot temperature turning into something unbearable. You can try out floral fragrances, fruity fragrances and fresh herby ones for this effect. In case you do not feel like spending on a gentle perfume, try out the body mists. They are very gentle and mild, perfect for the season. We would suggest you to visit Pulse of Perfumery in this regard as all you would need this season can be found on this one platform.

Clean Your Skin Well Before Applying Perfume:
Never apply perfume on dirty skin especially during the spring-summer season. You start sweating and producing excess sebum in this season, which is not favourable for the perfume. If you want to enjoy the fresh and pure fragrance of the perfume after spending a handsome amount on it, make sure to keep your skin clean and well moisturised before applying the perfume for women. This will remove any unwanted thing present on your skin and will ensure your perfume stays unadulterated. In case you are not able to take bath later in the day, keep wet wipes with you and use them.

Follow 2 Spray Rule for Spring Summer:
Since the temperature is a bit high, you do not need a lot of perfume. If you wish to smell delicate and gentle, keep your perfume to mere 2 sprays only. This will help to keep the perfume to a minimal and just right for the season. The warmer the season, the less should be your perfume quantity to keep it just right. If you wish to make your perfume lasting, go with the ones that have higher perfume concentration.

If you have a strong perfume and do not have the budget to invest in another perfume, you can follow these simple tips to make your perfume light.

Walk in the cloud: If you want a gentle fragrance, spray the perfume in the air and walk through the perfume cloud. This will cover you with a gentle fragrance and not overwhelming scent. You can use a strong fragrance as well for this and cover yourself with softer notes from this.

Spray on your hair: You can spray the perfume on your hair instead of your clothes or skin. Make sure to apply just one spray, as it is enough to keep you fragrant. Your hair will allow the perfume to evaporate very gently and slowly giving off the subtle scent.

Using a Body Mist for Women is the best choice in case you do not want to invest in a perfume but want a gentle fragrance for the season. These are made using natural ingredients and is available in a wide range of fragrances. You can find fragrances such as desserts, florals, and fresh fruits and much more with body mists. They are mild and gentle on skin, giving it a soothing layer of moisture. You can apply perfume in the morning and layer your skin with a comforting fragrance using a body mist.

Spring summer season is a lot of difference from other seasons, hence the fragrance that you use should be a bit different. Go with cool, vibrant and bubbly fragrances to stand out among others. Keep all the woody, spicy and such strong scents away in this season if you want the attention for all the right reasons.

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