FamiSafe is Useful Not Only for Kids’ Screen Time Control

Whenever someone talks of FamiSafe, we think of a parental control app. This is right. In fact, it is the reason why Wondershare developed this app. The main idea behind it was to provide an app that helps parents monitor their kids’ locations and phone usage.

But, I want to think that the developer did not limit the users on using the app. What we were given was a suggestion, but we can still extend it. I’m trying to imagine a home for the seniors or a school for the mentally disabled using the same app.

When people age, they tend to behave more or less like children. They need someone to look after them and direct them in most of their activities. In fact, some are likely to be cyberbullied easily than teens. Some of them have a lot of property, and if someone succeeds in obtaining their personal details, it could be not very good.

Some may walk out of the compound and experience challenges tracing the facility. In such a case, an effective real-time location tracker is needed. At this point, FamiSafe comes in to save the situation. The same is expected in a school for the medically handicapped or any other school of disabled learners.

What makes this application useful in the above cases is the features that will help manage such homes and learning institutions. Let’s see how possible it is.

Features of FamiSafe.

As I said earlier, I want us to look at the viability of using the FamiSafe parental control app in a different application other than monitoring kids’ phones. 

Location Tracker.

If you are the caretaker in a seniors’ home, you may not be sure of their exact location at a given time. Without a reliable GPS locator like FamiSafe, you will probably take hours looking for someone who is waking in the flower garden. But, if your phone is linked to the seniors’ phones in that home, you can access the location of each individual with less hassle.

The same people may walk out of the compound and miss their way home. This will create more trouble, especially if you are not experienced with the area’s terrain. With FamiSafe, you will access the location and go directly to that address.

Taking an example of a mentally disabled student in school, he/she is likely to move aimlessly within the school compound. Although the perimeter fence could be good enough to hold them in the compound, I’m sure looking for such a student is demanding. If he had a phone linked to that of the school administrator, it makes the process of finding him easier and convenient.

Activity Record and Browsing History.

Very older adults tend to concentrate on a few things. More so, they mind a lot about an issue related to their health conditions and feelings. If you realize one of them was on a website related to joint pain, they are likely suffering. Therefore, what they surf on the internet tells you a lot about them.

The activity record gives a summary of the phone’s activities and their specific times. If you find them messaging their children about a negative experience in your care home, it is a great chance to improve.

Like small kids, the seniors need adequate time to sleep and rest; for that reason, you may opt to temporarily block apps that keep them awake in the late hours. That will be healthy for them because they will get enough sleep. Screen time control may be necessary to get them adequate sleep.

Cyberbullying Detection and Notifications.

Bullying can be evident among seniors who are less suspecting. If you input some keywords that you think can indicate possible threats, you will be notified whenever the social apps receive a text with such a word.

Notifications will also come to your phone if their phones receive suspicious explicit content. Again, you will be notified when the seniors you serve walk across the boundary of the Geofence you created. Leaving the Geofence (home’s compound) may create further trouble, especially if the victim doesn’t use a smartphone.

What is the Price of FamiSafe?

The price of the FamiSafe parental control app for iOS and Android is summed up in the table below. However, don’t forget that they offer three days of free trial to new users.

Subscription PlanSubscription AmountNo. of Devices Allowed


Security isn’t only for the youngsters; the elderly need to be secured against online fraudsters too. Again, they need controlled feeding and sleeping patterns to ensure they get adequate sleep and rest. So, don’t wait until you look for your granny for hours in the village. Install the FamiSafe parental control app today and secure them. This app is also available on Amazon for download.

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Whenever someone talks of FamiSafe, we think of a parental control app. This is right. In fact, it is the reason why Wondershare developed this app. The main idea behind it was to provide an app that helps parents monitor their kids’ locations and phone usage. Check this expert article to know why it is so important at an early age.

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