FAQ Compact and Cordless Philips Trimmer

This compact and cordless Philips trimmer has become quite popular with young men. People use it for styling their beard as well as moustache.

Can I use it without any help?

Yes, you can use it yourself. It is a cordless trimmer, and therefore you can hold and use it in any way you want. However, you can’t use it while it is charging. You need to charge it for a continuous period of 10 hours. As it gets fully charged, you can use it for 45 minutes. It also has got combs with it which help in preventing skin irritation.

Does it offer smooth cut?

It has rounded tips which help in smooth trimming without harming your skin. It also has .10 length lock-in settings with 1mm precision. Owing to this, you can achieve very close trim, just stopping short of shaving without harming your skin. Length setting and locking is easy since it lets you select as small as 0.5 mm in length and upto 10mm. So it offers smooth cut. Moreover, it boasts of stainless steel blades which offer smooth cutting or trimming.

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Does it have any special feature?

It has a Lift & Trim system whereby the comb can lift and guide your facial hair to the blades and give you an even trim.

Does it have self-sharpening blades?

Yes, it does have self-sharpening blades. This is why the blades last long.

How much time does it take to charge?

It takes about 10 hours to fully charge.

Is it easy to clean?

The DuraPower BT3203/15 is easy to clean.

Does it offer any Warranty?

Yes, it offers a standard 2 years warranty.

Is it safe to use?

The stainless steel blades have rounded tips which make using this Philips trimmer safe.

Smoothness of cut

This trimmer delivers effortless and quick trim upto an astounding level of precision of about 1 mm.

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