Faster Linux Shared Web Hosting Services in India

The hosting world is full of choices. It is a highly competitive field. But when it comes to launching your own site, blog or other online project, Linux hosting is one of the most favorite platforms for many. Linux has its own advantages. It is faster and easy to use. It is one of the most popular shared hosting in India.

What is Linux Hosting?
Linux is an operating system like Windows and Linux hosting is a type of hosting which uses Linux on the Rdp VPS Server. It was first introduced in 1991 as a free operating system. It is a Unix-like OS which is in demand because of its multiple advantages.

popular shared hosting in India

Choosing the Shared Linux Hosting
While launching a blog or a small business website, you can blindly trust the Linux shared web hosting services. It will fulfill your needs in budget. Shared hosting performs well when the website is new with moderate traffic. When the traffic ratio increases and you need much bandwidth, switch from the shared hosting. Discover the key benefits of taking a shared hosting package in Linux.

Budget Hosting
When a website is new, budget hosting is a prime aim of users. Since Linux is an open source which means it is free to use. Shared hosting plans of Linux are affordable than windows VPS hosting services.

While you compare Linux hosting, its compatibility is outstanding with other Operating Systems and software. You hardly experience any trouble if you make a site with Windows and host it on Linux web server. Thus, Linux shared hosting comes up with super flexibility for those who are looking for the best hosting services.

Performance & Stability
Comparing Linux server with Windows server for performance, Linux server performs better. The OS is stable. Thus, users show their trust in Linux server. It doesn’t get slow or freeze easily. At the same time, there is no issue of memory leaks. The up-times are far better than other servers.

Web Hosting

There is always a challenge to give a secure hosting service. Both Linux and Windows operating systems are equally secure. However, the security depends more upon the server setup and the administrators operating the server. It is suggested to use the best web hosting provider that offers secure environment.

cPanel Availability
cPanel is available on all Linux-based hosting plans including Linux Dedicated, Linux Shared, Reseller and VPS. Almost all reliable hosting service providers in India offer cPanel assistance in their Linux shared hosting plans.
Shared Linux hosting is one of the best hosting services for business websites and new bloggers. It is affordable, flexible and performs without stopping. If you have a budget plan for hosting, Linux shared hosting will fulfil your requirement.