FeetFinder Seller Reviews: What the Users Have to Say About this Platform

FeetFinder is the biggest platform to buy and sell feet pics online. It gives buyers and sellers a private, safe, and secure place to do business. It is quite easy to understand why in FeetFinder seller reviews, users often praise how easy it is to use and how well the privacy features work.

There is no need to be an experienced seller to use this platform because it makes the whole process easier and helps you make more money on FeetFinder. But what makes FeetFinder different from other sites? It is because the platform mainly focuses on the niche industry, which makes it sorted for people who are interested in feet content. Also, the site has a lot of good reviews because it cares about safety and privacy.

If you are looking for FeetFinder tricks to help you make more sales, you will be happy to know that the platform gives some proper features and information to help you get more customers and eventually make more money. 

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So, let’s understand more about this platform.

About FeetFinder

FeetFinder is the best place to start if you want to get into this niche because it has everything that a seller needs. When it comes to selling on FeetFinder, you can do that safely and privately, which gives you a specific and safe forum. This website is made to keep both buyers and sellers safe and free of scams. That’s why you can sell pictures of your feet without worrying about getting scammed. 

FeetFinder seller reviews often talk about how dedicated the site is to user safety, which tells that it is a well-known brand in this niche market. FeetFinder’s strict verification method and safe payment options put you in secured hands, while other platforms might make you worried about their security.

Subscription Plans on FeetFinder

FeetFinder is free for buyers but sellers have to pay a fee to use the site. FeetFinder’s basic plan costs $4.99 a month, $14.99 a year, or $40 for a lifetime subscription. On the other hand, FeetFinder’s premium plan costs $14.99 a month, $29.99 a year, or $80 for a lifetime subscription. 

If you feel like discontinuing the business, you can stop your FeetFinder service at any time. FeetFinder takes a 20% cut of all sales made by its sellers along with the membership fee. This commission is cut from the seller’s earnings before they get paid, and it basically covers the cost of using their site. 

Difference Between Basic and Premium Plans

FeetFinder offers two different plans, those are basic and premium. Let’s have a look at this plan:


If you only have a basic FeetFinder account, you can sell feet pics by making albums. You can make different albums, like ones with painted nails and ones with muddy feet, to get people who are interested in varieties. You will not have a choice of adding more albums until you sell one of your previous ones. You can also add up to 10 files to your basic account, and there can’t be more than five photos or one long video in a single album.


If you want to sell your foot content more often and make more money, FeetFinder’s premium plan might be a good investment for you. You can add 15 photos to each album, which is a big plus point over the basic plan. It also has many new tools and features, a global advertising facility, and a better user experience, that will eventually help you grow your foot-picture business. 

If you want to get more interested buyers, then becoming a premium user of FeetFinder is a good choice. One of the best things about this plan is that it makes you stand out from other sellers. You can customize your profile and add more foot pics and videos, and you can talk to buyers directly to make more sales with the help of this subscription.

FeetFinder Review 

Is it worth it to use FeetFinder?  Over 5,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot give it an average rate of 4.9 out of 5 stars, which makes it the best, easiest, and safest place to sell pictures of feet. It is easy for new sellers to get buyers on FeetFinder because the number of buyers on this platform is quite huge.

Offering creative methods to attract buyers is one of the best things about FeetFinder. FeetFinder keeps a large pool of buyers by spending a lot of money on ads, and this makes the market better for sellers. The good reviews and income that FeetFinder’s sellers have received indicate that they are earning a good amount of money.

When you compare FeetFinder to other sites, it’s clear that FeetFinder is better. FeetFinder is different from its competitors because it is open about how much it pays to its models. It also has a higher rate on Trustpilot, which is backed up by a lot of reviews.

Since FeetFinder is based in the US, it follows all PCI standards, which makes sure that all purchases are safe for the users. The fact that buyers have to enter their credit card information when they sign up is especially helpful for sellers because it helps them get rid of fake buyers.

FeetFinder excels in another aspect as it provides you with a lot of different ways to get paid. Here, sellers can request payment at any time, as long as they have at least $30 in their account.

FeetFinder’s Review by Sellers

These are some of the FeetFinder seller reviews from Trustpilot.

1. “They’re great!” The platform is smooth, and they make sure everything works well. “I love the algorithm and how quickly I can make connections.” From Harley Reed, June 8, 2023

2. “This is the only site where I’ve ever sold pictures of feet. They’ve always been great and quick to help me when I’ve had problems. If you use the site right, it will protect both the buyer and the seller. I’ve used a few others, but FF is by far the best. I’ve already told two other people about this!” June 12, 2023: Cupcake

3. “It is a reliable website, which is easy to use—have been recommended to others and will continue to do so!” Jane Austen, June 6, 2023

4. “FeetFinders is a great, real way to make extra money! I didn’t believe it until I signed up. The signup process is quick and easy. Anyone who wants to make extra money should join FeetFinder. I’m excited to be a part of it.” That was Melanie Sky on June 5, 2023.

5. “I love FF and have been on it for a little over two months. But even though most buyers are polite and respectful, there is always one idiot. But it’s great to be able to block and report them.” – By Twinkeltoes on June 4, 2023

6. “I love customer service! Very trustworthy, and they’re always willing to answer my questions and address my issues. I would recommend this to friends who like to explore!” That was OhKingSkittles on June 4, 2023.

7. “This is some of the best customer service I’ve ever had. I was having trouble with my page and payment. When I emailed them, they answered right away, without any trouble, fixed my problem, and didn’t want any extra money to fix my mistake. Even though I don’t know how well my pictures will sell yet, I can promise you that if there is ever a problem, they are very helpful and get it fixed!” – May 9, 2023, Emma Moore

How Much Money Can a Seller Make on FeetFinder?

If you check out the FeetFinder seller reviews, you will find a lot of reasons to join this platform. One person who sold feet pictures on FeetFinder is said to have made over $22,000 in one month.

But when you first start using FeetFinder, you should be honest about what you expect. You won’t make $1,000 in the first week. It takes time to get people to buy your pictures and figure out which ones sell the most.

Although selling feet pics can be a simple side job that pays well quickly for the work it takes, it’s important to remember that it still requires hard work and dedication. FeetFinder seller reviews do not talk about the hard work they put in to get the result. The platform has given millions of dollars to models, which proves it is real and shows that sellers are making a lot of money.

Is Selling Feet Pics on FeetFinder Worth it?

FeetFinder is one way to sell pictures of feet, but is it worth it? Yes, especially for people who are just starting. In FeetFinder seller reviews, the site is always praised for being very safe and easy to use. Even though the site does charge a 20% fee for sales, many people may find the benefits to be worth the price.

To begin, FeetFinder takes care of all payment handling, so you don’t have to worry about scams. Second, the site actively promotes your content, which helps you reach a wider but more specific audience right away and there are many more benefits as well. So, let’s have a look at them.

Pros of FeetFinder

FeetFinder may have come up when you were looking for a safe place to sell feet pics. Because it is so popular, you will probably see it suggested in several FeetFinder seller reviews. But what makes it different from the others? Let’s talk about what it does well.

  • Simple to Use: FeetFinder is easy to use, even if you’re not good with technology.
  • Safe Ways to Pay: Deals are handled by the site, which makes it hard for scams to work.
  • High Visibility: More people will see your photos because it’s popular.
  • Privacy: There are steps in place on the platform to keep your name secret.
  • Help with Promotion: They share your content with their readers, which increases your chances of making sales.
  • Quality Standards: The platform’s quality standards are always maintained by a set of rules.


Is FeetFinder a good place to sell feet pics?

Yes, FeetFinder is the best place to sell feet pics. It is safe and secure, manages all your payments, has the best customer support system, has the largest number of buyers among all platforms, and many more benefits. 

How do I get paid on FeetFinder?

How you get paid on FeetFinder depends on your location, the users based in the United States of America get it through segpay while others through Paxum. But, all in all, the payment gateways of FeetFinder are the safest.

Do you have to pay taxes from what you earn on FeetFinder?

Yes, especially if you are from the USA. If you are earning some money, which brings you to the income bracket of taxpayers, you have to pay taxes to the state and the central government.  


Why does FeetFinder work so well for people who want to buy or sell pictures of feet? Based on FeetFinder seller reviews, the site stands out for being safe, easy to use, and numerous methods to make money. It not only gives people a safe place to do business, but it also has a lot of different poses for feet pictures to help sellers and buyers get ideas. 

Sellers like how easy the site is to use and how it comes with a ready-made audience, who are always ready to buy. Buyers, on the other hand, love how much content and choice there is. This platform seems to be great for everyone, whether you want to make extra money or searching for the desired feet pics. People keep coming back for more because it creates a win-win situation all around!

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