Find out what’s new about Microsoft’s Azure services

There’s no denying that the cloud has changed the way businesses run and Microsoft Azure is an example of the cloud working at its very best. Azure service is Microsoft’s most significant step into cloud computing. It is a web-based cloud computing platform designed to give businesses the flexibility and freedom to access on the go securely.

Microsoft developed it for building, managing, and deploying applications and services through the network of data centers. It offers IaaS and PaaS services and supports various programming languages, frameworks, and tools, including third-party and Microsoft-specific software and systems.

So if you want to utilize the power of Microsoft Azure and cloud-native capabilities, Azure Consulting services are all you need. Read on and dive deep into the topic!

What is Azure update management?

If you are keeping yourself up to date with the most recent reports about the Azure cloud space, there’s a chance you have heard about Azure Update management. It is a free feature offered by Microsoft that is included in the Azure account.

Operating system updates can be managed for Linux and Windows virtual machines that are deployed on Azure and on-premises from a single pane of glass.

To give it a try, navigate to your Virtual machine tab in Azure and enable update management features on one or more of your machines. It is absolutely free. You have to pay for log data stored in the Azure Log Analytics service.

Why do you need it?

Of course, updating a single virtual machine is not an arduous task. But if you have to perform the same updates on hundreds of devices, it would be a living hell. Isn’t it? The update management feature provided to you through the Azure automation account enables a smooth, automated process of applying updates for on-premise and cloud machines uipath vs microsoft power automate.

How does it work?

Azure update management checks the status of each system, where each system should be, and what security and feature updates are available for that particular system. For windows, system status check runs every twelve hours, and for Linux every three hours.

Now Azure’s update management feature comes in and compares each system’s status to the available updates and then reports the differences. Administrators then schedule deployments on the individual systems or a group of systems. After deployment, the Azure service scans the systems to find out whether other updates or patches are required or not.

Getting started with Azure update management

Two main requirements for using this latest feature of Azure are given below, they are:

  • Azure Automation Account: You need this account to enable various capabilities in your work environment.
  • Log Analytics Workspace: A workspace is like a container storing log data from your VMs.

Once you fulfill these two primary requirements, you can start by selecting update management for your VM or your entire subscription. You are free to add your Azure VMs or your Non-Azure machines at this point and dynamically target groups for updates.

Now that you have got query results, you can create your new update deployment, for which you need to schedule the date and time (required), which includes a run once or recurring option as well.

Furthermore, you can select the types of updates you want (like security, critical, etc.) and how long you wish to have updates completed (maintenance window) and reboot options.

If you think that keeping yourself up-to-date with the ever-changing cloud technology is getting arduous, opt for Azure Consulting services provided by the leading IT organization. Their industry-proven solutions and methodologies will assist you in all stages of your cloud-life cycle and take your company to the next level.

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