How to fix Paper Jam Error in HP Printer?

HP printers are known for their great features and excellent quality. They are manufactured using the latest techniques and produce matchless printing outputs. However, there can be times your printer gets stuck because of paper got jammed and you are not able to further work with the printer. There are different methods using which paper jam issue can be fixed easily. HP support number can also be contacted for this purpose as we have a number of expert technicians to help you.

Given below are some of the methods which can be applied to fix the issue of the paper jam with HP printers:


  • Switch on your printer first and wait till the time it cools down.
  • Allow some time to the printer for it stops making noise.
  • When it becomes idle, open the input tray, load some sheets into the tray and check if the paper feeds.
  • Now, Realign the paper properly and slide back the input tray.
  • Run a test print for your printer to check if the paper jam got fixed
  • If the printer is running normally, then the paper jam issue has been resolved.

If still your printer is stuck because of paper jam and it is not printing anything, then try applying the next method explained below:


  • Again turn on the printer and shift the input tray.
  • Now from the input tray remove all the loose paper.
  • Make sure to carefully remove the jammed paper from the printer.
  • Also, make sure there should be no pieces left of torn paper in the tray and check the tray thoroughly. On the tray, there should not be any foreign object as well.
  • Move back the input tray and move towards the back of the printer.
  • Keeping the printer on, remove the power cord from the printer. Remove all the attached cables and USB as well.
  • Check if there is any foreign item or torn paper on the printer cover. Remove all the paper gently from the printer and there should be no pieces left.
  • Take out the clean out door and check it for any jammed paper.
  • Then, check the duplexer for any jammed paper or a foreign object is stuck there.
  • Plug back the power cord and all the cables to the printer.
  • Turn on the printer and do a print test to check if the issue has been resolved.

It is very important to not overload the input tray with paper to avoid paper jams and keep the printer clean.

You can apply any of the above methods to resolve the paper jam issue with your HP printer. There can be several other issues with your HP printer which might hamper you. But no need to worry, we are providing you with the best technical help and support for HP printing issues. Call at the HP support number where our well-trained technical executive will help you appropriately for the HP printing issues you are going through.

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