Food Delivery in Trains- Why You Should Love It

Just imagine you get your favourite meals like dosa or pizza while travelling on the train in just one click. Though it sounded impossible for the passengers who are travelling by train, for the last few years it was made possible. All thanks to the Indian railways and its collaborations with different caterers who thought about the passengers.

Railway passengers are able to order food according to their taste by using train food delivery apps. Start-ups in online food delivery market of India acted to reform the food system in Indian Railway. It’s being popular because we never expected to get our favourite meals delivered right inside the train.

Serving poor quality food had become a regular practice of the Indian railways. Almost all of us faced the problem while travelling on a train. We are also habituated to get smelly or stale food served in train and everyone is sailing on the same boat. When travelling for long-distance, getting quality food used to be one major issue.

In some highest priority, super-fast trains the packet food items are expired, kept in unhygienic conditions and are considered as sub-standard. The condition of the kitchen is extremely unhygienic and even the cooks were not of expected standards. Kitchens were poorly ventilated and the vegetables brought were rotten. The charges used to be very high for a simple dish. A simple egg meal used to cost around 150/- INR while it’s easily available in 60-70/- INR. Overpricing, rotten meals, no helplines, misbehaviour of the pantry staffs, and quantity- everything used to be a routine until these food delivery applications came into action.

Tourism industry faced a major drawback in the field of railways. The tourists remained unsatisfied due to poor quality food served to them in trains. Fewer people would prefer to travel by the railways which lowered the reputation. As soon as the railways’ catering service was introduced and collaborated with the local caterers, passengers found value for money.

Keeping those aspects and the complaints in mind, the Indian Railways assured the passengers to serve good and hygiene food. As said by the officials, IRCTC has tied up with different food ordering site in the train so that the passengers get tasty, healthy, hygienic food to satiate their hunger.  Passengers can buy and choose between veg and non-veg meals, can order local cuisines, or stick to their personal favourites. Food delivery apps are keeping no stones unturned when it’s time to satisfy the rail passengers.

Few entrepreneurs have made it happen by creating online food delivery platforms in the train as per the journey schedule of customers. That means you can get a slice of your favourite meal from nearby restaurants delivered at any station where your train halts.

Here are the unique features that making this new category popular in online food delivering market of India:

  • Better quality of food
  • Systematized and easy booking facilities
  • Easy cancellation
  • Reasonable cost
  • Zero booking fees
  • Multiple payment option.
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