Forex Mega droid: Is Mega droid an Appropriate Opportunity for Forex Traders?

A new Forex trading robot that is rapidly becoming famous among consumers is Forex Megadroid Forex Trader. This robot claims, although it has not yet passed the time test, that it can “predict the immediate future with an accuracy of 95.82%”. Although many believe that artificial intelligence in software is possible through very advanced and sophisticated programming, but predicting the future of currency trading is not a success.

Forex Mega droid is marketed by its developers with the claim that it is the only currency trading robot that has been able to emulate trading models for traditional traders. Of course, such claims sound great, especially to the ears of a beginner, but the real problem is that only time and consistent good performance can prove the validity of this claim. .

If you take it literally, it has good features and some not so good.

Because it is mixed with artificial intelligence, the robot therefore behaves like a patient trader who will exchange solemn executives and like someone who suffers from risk of rewards. Another Forex robot that can only follow these models, only for some existing ones, was the FAP Turbo. But for many, Forex Mega droid is considered the best choice than FAP Turbo. The probability of winning this package is considered to be quite high compared to competitors. However, the validity of complaints only appears over time.

Although the creators of the software claim accuracy of around 96%, but in reality based on the actual results reported by the actual user of the program, they can achieve a success rate of 90% or slightly less than 90% with this commercial software.

But some software consumers also report that they haven’t traded as much as they hoped. The robot only performed between 3 and 5 surgeries per week. This shows that it may not be possible to make money quickly without risking a large investment. But Forex Mega droid is on the principle of a slow and steady career gain. It is more likely that this software will gradually lead to long term gains. The robot can be adjusted to make more replacements, but some experts may not find this a good idea.

Forex Mega droid uses an hourly time frame to activate your entry. This means that instead of trying to trade each time, he acts like a predator and patiently awaits his murders. This makes your probability of winning quite high. So far, live testing and subsequent testing has shown that this strategy works well for this robot. With a unique technology with a different style and continuous development and with some reservations, it can be considered as an ingenious and competent tool to diversify the current commercial portfolio.

It also has certain drawbacks. Likewise, the computer must be stored for the robot to be replaced. However, it is possible to register a host account so that the robot continues to operate during the exchange and the computer is turned off.

The secret of 5% currency traders

In principle, there are two categories of traders. There are elite traders who make up the 5% of the best creams and there are average Joe’s who making up the rest of the pack. So what distinguishes these two groups? Well, elite traders and middlemen have several important differences. Therefore, if you want to succeed in the top 5% category, you have to learn to find out what the main strengths are. In this article, we show you some secrets about the 5% of the most important Forex traders recommended you read

1. Forex is your labor of love

One of the factors that distinguish a good trader from the average trader is his commitment to his work. When someone is passionate, they will try to find out more about what they are doing. Another benefit that arises from passion is that they remember the information they learned better. This is also the reason why the top 5 Forex traders can sometimes trade quickly under the circumstances based on the information they remember. Therefore, if you want to be a good trader, you must first have a passion for Forex.

2. They control their emotions.

The best traders in the Forex market have the unique quality of being able to distinguish their emotions from their activity. They do not follow the emotions of the market and do not allow the market to dictate their emotions and influence their decision-making process. Warren Buffet once said that if you can’t stand and see that your investments are 50% depreciated without going back, you shouldn’t be in the stock market. What Warren Buffet said is very specific. If emotions can influence or judge, our investment decision is not objective.

3. Know how to manage risk.

What keeps a trader from trading is often not just a lack of investment capital. He is also willing to risk a trade. This is where the package manager differs from the rest of the package. Therefore, if you want to excel in currency trading, you have to take a calculated risk.

4. They try to continue In everything we do, we must persevere in its search. But in the foreign exchange market, you need a little more stamina. This is because you are dealing with real money and every effort you make is costing you money. In most other cases, even if your stamina is not worth it, you will waste time on your efforts. That said; don’t let the time go by so you don’t get discouraged. Instead, you should educate yourself, learn from it, and keep trying.

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