Four Ways to Embrace the Outdoors Inside Your Home 

Embracing nature and the natural world plays a crucial role in your physical health and fitness, and from taking a twenty-minute walk around your estate every other morning to more ‘heavy-duty’ outdoor sports and games, being outside is important for everyone.

Fresh air and natural light also both play a significant role in maintaining and even, raising, your levels of emotional health and well-being too, so including as many natural elements as possible inside your home is a shrewd decision. With this in mind, here are four ways that you can do just that. 

Natural Floors & Furniture

First and foremost, whether you’re entirely redecorating a room in your home, or else you’re simply looking for simple and affordable changes to make over time, a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable materials is a multi-beneficial way to proceed.

You could decide to make a particular item of furniture, or even wall art, made from entirely environmentally friendly materials as a focal point, such as a washbasin made from stone in the bathroom. In addition, the flooring in your hallway and on the landing could make for the ideal natural feel, made from cork, bamboo, or natural wooden flooring panels. 

Upgrade Your Doors 

Windows and Doors are, obviously, the only source of natural light in the average property, and as such, this is very much another area that you should concentrate on. 

The brighter and airier that each of the rooms both look and feel, the more connected you’ll feel to the outside and the less you will feel, especially in winter, as if you’re locked inside in a warm yet stale environment, especially if you work from home. 

Upgrading one set of doors, namely the doors separating your living room from your back garden to full glass, sliding doors will also mean that the room will stay warmer as the glass will reflect the heat throughout the day.

Welcome Some Indoor Plants to the Space 

Another hugely effective way to welcome the natural world inside your home is to introduce a plethora of different indoor plants, which are suited to living indoors.

For the kitchen, choose a peace lily or aloe vera, for the bathroom, look at Swiss Cheese, Dragon’s Kiss and pineapple plants, and for the bedroom, select warmth-loving plants such as spider plants, rubber plants, and beautiful yet simple ferns. 

In the living room, the space where you and your family likely spend the most time together, indoor plants that are best suited here include the stunning Bird of Paradise, fiddle-leaf fig, the Kentia Palm and the cast iron plant. 

Consider a Skylight Above Your Bed 

The fourth and final addition to your home with nature in mind is to search for a reasonably priced supplier of skylights, who can come and give you an accurate quote on one for your bedroom.

Waking up in the morning with the sunlight streaming in from above you is a fantastic way to start your day and will also help your bedroom to stay warmer than if you stuck with your normal ceiling.