Get the Care You Need, When You Need It: The Advantages of Teledentistry Emergency Dentists

I always took good care of my teeth. I brushed twice a day, flossed regularly, and visited my dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup. But one fine day last month, while eating my lunch, I felt a sharp pain in my mouth. I reached inside to touch the painful spot and felt something hard and jagged. I soon understood that a piece of my tooth had broken off. The throbbing pain started becoming worse, and at a point, it became unbearable.

Teledentistry Emergency Dentists

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I knew I had to see a dentist right away, but I had a big problem. I was out of town visiting my sister and didn’t know any local dentists. That is the moment when I felt a shot of panic along with the pain. I didn’t want to go to an emergency room, but there was no way that I could wait until I got back home to see my regular dentist. 

That’s when I remembered hearing about, a  service that allowed patients to connect with licensed dentists through video consultations. One of my friends had mentioned saving her tooth when she could not pay a visit to a regular dentist. 

I quickly logged onto the website and filled out the necessary forms to schedule an appointment. To my surprise, within a matter of minutes, I received a call from a licensed dentist who was available to talk to me right away.

When it comes to dental emergencies, has you covered

To be honest, there was no way I would log into the Teledentistry website without checking some reviews. I found several positive reviews on the internet, which filled me with a sense of hope in such a desperate time. The forms I had to fill up needed me to describe my medical condition and my medical insurance. 

Luckily, I found that my medical insurance covered the consultation. Later, I learned that accepts almost all medical insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid and delta dental of massachusetts.

After getting in touch with the dentist, they asked me to describe my symptoms, and I explained what had happened. The dentist was quite helpful and guided me through the steps required for a virtual examination of my mouth. 

She made me feel comfortable and assured me that there was no reason to worry and that the diagnosis would be over shortly. She saw that I had a chipped tooth that was causing me significant pain. She took a good look at it, asking me to turn my head accordingly as she continued her diagnosis.

The dentist then walked me through a thorough examination, asking me to tap my teeth, bite down, and move my jaw in different directions. After some observation, the dentist diagnosed me with a broken tooth and a possible infection. 

She told me that bacteria are able to enter the innermost part of the tooth when there is a chip or crack in the tooth. The result is inflammation due to an infection, causing an abscess at the tip of the root.

Why is the best during a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies usually strike out of the blue as it is either caused by accidents or go unnoticed for a  long time. Most people ignore tiny dental symptoms until they take a mammoth shape, making it urgent for an instant physical examination. Dental emergencies like broken teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, gum infections, bleeding gums, teeth cavities, etc., need immediate attention and can fester if delayed.

Immediate treatment

Thanks to, I was able to address the problem of my broken tooth. The dentist assured me that it was fairly common and, without any further delay, discussed my treatment options. She prescribed some medicines for the pain to subside, after which she recommended that I visit the emergency dental clinic for immediate treatment. The pain medication and antibiotics helped me manage my pain and prevent any further complications. 

Wide location coverage

I was grateful to for the quick and professional service I received from them. was the only one that provided me comfort at a location that was quite foreign to me. I was able to get my broken teeth diagnosed through a virtual dental consultation, all the while sitting at my sister’s dining table. 

I was saved from the long waiting time at the emergency room in such a painful condition. I owe it to to have returned home safely, post which I was able to follow up with my regular dentist. 

24*7 availability

My sister later informed me that visiting the dentist through an appointment in a place like hers sometimes took days. The nearest emergency room was also somewhat far, and there was no way that I could drive my way up there in that condition., on the other hand, provides virtual dental consultations by licensed dentists 24*7 that can be accessed literally from anywhere in the world with amenities like a laptop or smartphone and the internet. The consultations are affordable and covered by almost all medical insurance such as delta dental massachusetts


Complete data security consultations adhere to strict privacy and security standards. They ensure that your information is protected, for which they use encrypted communication channels, secure servers, and other measures to safeguard personal information.

Conclusion was there with me when I needed care, ensuring its services were swift and efficient. The experience was extremely positive, and since then, I have recommended the service to all of my friends and family who may find themselves in a similar situation. 

Thanks to, I was able to get back my peace of mind and am in the best shape at the moment, free of any dental problems. I’d highly recommend it as a website to refer to if anyone else ever faces a dental emergency in the future.

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