Getting high speed internet connection to your trade show booth

You can determine the internet speed you really expect, while attending a trade show. It is a simple calculation but involves considering many factors as mentioned above. Most of these factors being qualitative involves implications and evaluations for quantification. Factors such as the work load, online activities, bandwidth requirements, devices used, technology used should be considered for this calculation. The device you use to browse the internet can significantly influence on the internet speed. Therefore invest in a device inclusive of latest technology and upgraded electronics for higher speeds. Make sure your ISP is reliable and offers a better coverage and bandwidth compared to the rivals.

The internet is used mostly for three major purposes that is uploading, downloading or streaming. The speed really matters when streaming and uploading. If the speed is slow, then you won’t be able to stream what you wanted to without interruptions and uploads will take much long time. Speed matters in downloading too. A download speed of 7-10mbps can be considered to be the average download speed and can be also considered as an effective speed. Anything slower than that is a poor connection and anything above 10mbps can be considered high speed.

The internet speed of European, American countries are considerably high compared to most of the Asian countries especially South Asian countries which are at a much slower rate. The highest internet speed is reported within the NASA and the high speed is to assist the work load and decision making. With the lights of technological advancement fiber optical internet connections were introduced and they offer high speed internet connections compared to normal ADSL or ATSL connections.

Now you have a basic understanding about how fast your internet connection should be. With that in mind, you can take a look at TradeShowInternet’s temporary wifi rental. Then you will get convinced on why you need to go ahead and invest your money in getting the service offered.