Give your WFH Productivity a Boost by Investing In These Smart Office Gadgets

Working from home was something none of us was accustomed to at least not with a pandemic that has got the world quarantined! This new normal was heavy on all of us. However, by now, we are pretty used to it. If you are working from home, it’s likely you have an office chair, a mechanical keyboard, a desk, and multiple screens (depending on the nature of your work). And of course, a good internet plan thanks to the presence of Cox bundles, making high-speed internet access to every home.

While working from a home has its perk, you can soon start to lose productivity. Unless you do something about it, you would be left with unfinished tasks forcing you to work outside your 8-hour work shift.  Have no worries…. we have brought to you some smart office gadgets that can surcharge your productivity:

1: Ticktime

We all could use a time manager at times. Instead of using time tracking software or using the stopwatch on your phone, get your hands on this physical countdown timer. This productivity gadget will help you focus on what’s important and forget about the distractions around you.

There are three ways to use this gadget – set a customized countdown, preset countdown, or start to count. It’s very easy to use and it’s a perfect accountability partner.

2: MuteMe Mute Button

When working from home, sometimes, you have to take unexpected calls. in that case, it helps if you can signal to others and tell them you are busy without actually hushing them or hand gesturing them to keep out. Here, mum, the illuminated mute button could be the perfect accessory to use while taking virtual calls.

When it is red, your household will know you’re busy and when it turns greens, they will know you are available. This gadget can save everyone so much time!

3: Cubii Seated Elliptical Machine

Okay, it’s clear when it’s not your best health day and you are working, your productivity can drop down significantly.  

We all can agree that an active life is beneficial for your body in profound ways. However, a busy home and work schedule can make it almost impossible to set a good workout routine. If you feel like you are missing out on a physical activity, and it’s making you unproductive, get yourself this Cubii Seated Elliptical Machine.

This tiny elliptical machine is designed for people who wish to stay in shape while sitting at their desks or on the couch. This under-desk pedal exerciser was designed with ergonomics in mind to get you back on the road to fitness with minimal effort. Another benefit is that it will cure your stiff joints like a boss.

4: P15 Videoconferencing Bar

This Videoconferencing bar by Poly Studio is going to enhance the quality of voice calls so that you can more on the call and waste less time eliminating the distractions.

The sleek video bar fits on top of your computer and uses automatic camera framing to keep your face in focus even as you move. It also includes multiple microphones and noise-canceling technology that prevents background noise from being picked up, which is a win-win.

5: Multi-Device Keyboard

Before you completely ignore it, this is not a mechanical keyboard. If your work involves lots of typing, you might want to give it a try. A multi-device keyboard makes it easier to simultaneously connect Bluetooth devices to a PC, laptop, or tablet. It also offers a space for holding iPads and phones in place while typing. You can effortlessly switch between devices and use them all.

This keyboard is lightweight so it will come in handy in a variety of circumstances. It is ideal for typists and those who enjoy using a keyboard. Typing on it is a delight. Did I mention it is wireless!

It is one of the greatest productivity devices due to its sleek and tiny portable design. Make the most of it while working remotely while managing other tasks on your desk.

6: Posture Corrector

We all could use a little help when it comes to keeping the right posture now, can we? That’s why having a posture corrector in these times is something I could say is mandatory. A posture correcting device called Upright Go can help you keep track of your posture via an app.

This posture corrector is lightweight and easy to use. You are supposed to attach it to your upper back and it keeps on coaching you on correcting your posture. Whenever you slouch, it vibrates gently. The app lets you see your statistics, goals and keep track of your progress over time.

7: Saent

This is another cool productivity tool with a physical button and an app that blocks distracting sites and apps.

This tool reminds you that you are not focusing on the actual task on hand. This button does all the trick for it. Just hit the button and your computer goes into the lockdown phase so that you don’t have common distractions. The button also serves as a visual message to your coworkers, indicating when you are working and should not be distracted, as well as when you should take a break to re-energize. Scent can also generate info on your productivity levels and work habits to help you track your productivity analysis.