Grow purposefully: The power of storytelling in your brand strategy

Storytelling is now highly rated! More and more brands realize the power of stories to transform their presence and identity. Celebrity brands like Disney and Coca-Cola have long understood the power of their brand storytelling to connect with their audience. Companies like Apple have legendary stories of their kind. What’s in storytelling, after all? How does storytelling develop authenticity? Moreover, how does this story create the type of trust that customers crave and demand?

The power of storytelling to build trust

There is a good reason for the popularity of stories among brands, businesses, and individuals. Storytelling is a powerful tool in human communication. Research shows that the human brain responds to the explanatory power of stories by deeply affecting pathways that affect both the sensory and motor cortex. Reading a story is to feel the experience and synchronize our thoughts with the subject of the story. Synchronization is the right word. Scientists call this neural connectivity.

Through neural communication, the speaker and listener share a story that allows brands to interact dynamically and interactively. No, this is not a “confluence of minds,” although some scientists use this term in an attempt to describe this process. It is a brain activity that occurs in two people simultaneously, affecting the same areas of the brain during storytelling. The Princeton researchers use a metaphorical mirror: “The activity of the listener’s brain reflects the activity of the speaker.” Successful neural communication develops more thought, understanding, expectation, and receptivity.

Storytelling must be driven through personality

Your storytelling is not dominated by some divine image that dominates the legend and fills the company with life and strength. Not. Instead, your storytelling is inspired by the presence of people who participate, create, connect, and develop the saga of growth and success. Personality leads to storytelling. But storytelling is not a biography of a person. It is the evolution of the entity. People trust other people. Your story should be person-centered because it will provide someone honest for real customer trust.

Storytelling should be simple.

Even if the description of the company’s origin is several thousand words long, it should be conceptually straightforward:

  • Problem
  • Decision
  • Success

If we try to put more undulation into storytelling, we tend to lose the dynamism integral to its success. Simple stories are better. Science says so, and experience confirms this. While we love the complexity of Harry Potter’s plot, we cannot import that same complex model into the brand’s story. We need simplicity.

Storytelling should be related to your customers.

Storytelling is not about your company. Your company is a construct, but the purpose of this story is to create a connection with your customers.

Tell your storytelling in such a way that it tells your customers that we interact with you, we understand you. We are the same as you.

Form unique storytelling!

Take the time to delegate some of the authority using PEO’s services of  NHGlobal Partners, hire remote workers. It is an integral part of any company. But at this time, ask others to tell your story! In a sense, storytelling takes care of itself. A good story is available. Others will appreciate it and talk about it. There are a few things you can take advantage of your free time to do to spread your story:

  • Build your brand. Remember how the story is filled with personality? You and your team are the individuals behind this. Expand your appeal with your personalized brand.
  • Be active on social media. Stories will spread through the power of social media. You create a presence and a brand that lives on in the public’s social consciousness.
  • Tell the story all over the place. Make the story a part of who you are and who your company is. Communicate with the power of storytelling. Whether you are writing a guest post, collecting a bio, or just tweeting about your day, tell your story, and that’s an elementary presence.
  • Encourage your clients to tell a story. Customer testimonials are one of the most effective ways to broadcast your story. If they are satisfied, they will be more than happy. Use these stories on your website and marketing materials. They will reinforce the brand’s story.
  • Encourage storytelling everywhere. When your brand hits the mainstream, its story will become even more ingrained in the public mind. Don’t suppress an accurate description of your brand story.

Storytelling is the foundation for the life of a business. Storytelling doesn’t have to create a trap, and it is a catalyst. Some brands are so passionate about their storytelling that they ignore the value of their current activation. While you can honor your brand’s heritage, you still need to live in the present. The great thing about storytelling is that it lives. Actual storytelling keeps telling, keep going forward and keep communicating with people. Maintain your storytelling, and don’t forget to impress your customers by providing them with the best experience.

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