Here are 5 Facts About Braces that Will Surprise You

Braces can help you attain straighter and more beautiful teeth. Although no one would wish to have metal components appearing on their teeth, it is good sometimes to give exceptional results, especially when the results are life-changing. Fortunately, braces Brooklyn specialists also offer advanced braces that deliver results more efficiently than the traditional option. Your provider only needs to examine your needs and determine the correct type of braces suitable for you. Braces can help you correct crooked or misaligned teeth. But here is what you should know about orthodontics.

Braces are Not for Teeth Straightening Alone

Many people associate braces with straightening teeth. Braces are indeed effective in straightening teeth, but that is not the only thing they can do. Braces can help reposition your jaw to improve your bite. The devices move your teeth and jaws to an optimum position, enhancing the appearance of your smile. This also helps improve the function of your teeth and avoid premature wear and tear. Also, it makes it easier for you to clean all the surfaces of your teeth once the teeth bite together correctly.

There are Lots of Braces to Choose From

Over time, braces have grown in demand, leading to hundreds of new brands and appliances being invented. Today, you have more options to choose from, meaning you can get just what is suitable. Other appliances have come to replace traditional metal braces but deliver results more efficiently. For example, Invisalign is one of the leading aligner systems that has proved effective by transforming millions of smiles. Remember that you can have your braces customized depending on the type you choose to fit your individual needs. This dentist in Oxnard suggests visiting a dental expert so they can check your dental situation and provide the best orthodontic treatment for your situation.

Braces Can Be Almost Invisible

Traditional metal braces are effective in straightening teeth but might not feel comfortable to some people. They are visible and could affect your confidence and self-esteem during the treatment. However, you do not have to put up with it. Today, you have more options to straighten your teeth, which can be almost invisible. You can opt for clear fixed braces or Invisalign. Also, you can have your braces fixed behind your teeth rather than the usual front.

No Age Limit for Braces

Many people view braces as a treatment for teenagers. While there is some truth in that since early consultation is essential, anyone can get braces. Medical experts recommend that the best time for braces is between 8 and 10 years old. Therefore, remember to take your children for a consultation appointment with your dentist or a pediatric dentist. It helps ensure everything is on track while your children are still growing to avoid more invasive solutions like jaw surgery.

Retainers are Necessary

It is not over when you get your braces off. It is crucial to wear retainers to maintain your transformation results. Also, you have to strictly follow your provider’s instructions precisely to prevent your teeth from moving back to their previous position. Your provider will help you through your after-care to ensure the teeth remain in their new place.

There is more to explore about braces. Get in touch with the braces specialists at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics for more information. You can also book a consultation appointment online if you think you can benefit from the treatment.

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