Horse racing: Top 5 Locations in England

Horse racing is indeed a very famous sport in England. It is indeed a very well-known sport around the world too. It comes under the umbrella of an equestrian performance sport. When it comes to growing the sport, the very nation is doing its level best to make things look clear. Even from the gambling perspective, it is hard to find one better game than this. Flat, Jump, Harness, Saddle trot and Endurance racing are the parts of this beautiful brick-and-mortar sport. It brings all the natural flavour a sport needs to make it crème de la crème. Hence, let us take a look at the top five locations to enjoy horse racing in England. All these things make reading the racing news even special.  

5 Goodwood Racecourse

Goodwood Racecourse is one of the most famous horse racing venues in England. It is located north of Chichester, West Sussex, in England. Duke of Richmond does control the very place. Over the years, they have only made the quality of this place even better. In July, the event does happen mostly. What makes it special is the fact that it is Duke of UK’s 36 annual Group 1 flat races. Goodwood Cup is also a very famous name in the sport. It shows the value of Goodwood Racecourse.

4 York Racecourse 

York Racecourse is the pride of York, North Yorkshire, England. Hence, it did very well for the locals to have an international place to shine. In terms of monetary benefits, York Racecourse is the third-best stage to host in the United Kingdom. In a way, it makes a special race for every person. It is a very plat location with quality spaces. Dante Stakes and Ebor Handicap are top horses for the place historically. They both do have a special place in the hearts of the locals. 

3 Newmarket Rowley Mile Course

Newmarket Rowley Mile Course can captivate many sports fans around the world. When the event happens in the place, it makes it even bigger and better. The course is located in Newmarket, Suffolk. It makes a magnificent place to enjoy time with friends with the family. Newmarket Rowley Mile Course is the home for nine places out of British racing’s 36 annual Group 1 races. It indeed shows the quality of the place. During summers, it is hard to hold a private event in the very place. It makes it even special for many people around the world.

2 Aintree Racecourse

Aintree Racecourse is one of the biggest places to host a horse racing event. It is famous for being the host of the super-famous Grand National steeplechase. It clears the class of this place. The place makes the value of the location too good for locals in Liverpool, England. 

1 Cheltenham Racecourse

Cheltenham Racecourse is indeed the best place to ride a horse. It shows that why it is cut above the rest in many different ways. National Hunt racing is the jewel of Cheltenham Racecourse. Hence, the quality of the place becomes even special. Cheltenham Racecourse is at Prestbury Park, near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England.