How Do I Clean My Airphysio?

Your AirPhysio, the most reliable OPEP device, should be cleaned every day, and periodically. Cleaning will remove all the built-up contaminants, such as mucus, bacteria,  germs from the internal parts of the device.

When it’s about cleaning such a sophisticated piece of equipment, you may wonder How do I clean my AirPhysio?How often to clean it, with what cleaning agents? Is there any special process, ingredient, or precautions associated with cleaning it?

We’ll talk about all these things and see how you can clean your AirPhysio without damaging it. You don’t need to be the master of cleaning to purify your AirPhysio. You can learn the cleaning process by following the easy steps we’ve discussed in this article.

How AirPhysio Works?

AirPhysio uses a natural process for excess mucus clearance and other particles from the lungs to improve lung health. According to nerdknowbetter, AirPhysio creates a positive pressure in the airways and lungs to dislodge the mucus and all foreign particles. Once the mucus gets dislodged, you can simply cough it out and achieve an airway clearance.

During the process, several contaminants, like moisture, mucus, germs will get into the internal parts of AirPhysio. Therefore, like other breath training devices, this OPEP device needs to be cleaned after every use. The minimum interval of the cleaning should be one a day.

How Do I Clean My AirPhysio?

As you know that maintaining optimal hygiene is necessary for Air Physio, you need to use the right cleaning tools. The right cleaning tools will make the process a lot easier. So, get the things that are safe for the construction materials of the AirPhysio.

Things you’ll need for cleaning the AirPhysio:

  • Two clean Bowls
  • Soapy Water
  • Distilled Water
  • An Air Drying Rack
  • Dry and Clean Towel

Once you have arranged all the necessary elements to clean the Air Physio, it’s time to begin the procedure. All you have to do is follow the following steps.

1.   Dissemble the Cap:

Start with disassembling the child-resistant protective cover or cap. First, push the notch (if it has one) in and release it from the locked position. Now hold the cap with one hand and use another one to hold the body. After that, twist the cap anti-clockwise to lift it free from the body.

2.   Dissemble Other Parts:

After removing the child-resistant protective cap, remove other body parts of AirPhysio. Now pull the stainless steel ball out, circular cone, mouthpiece, base, and the mouthpiece cap.

3.   Soak the Parts:

Once you have removed all the parts, now soak all the disassembled parts in a bowl of water solution. Make a solution with warm water and detergent or mild soap mixed in the bowl. Let the parts sit for a couple of minutes.

4.   Rinse in Clean Water:

Now rinse all the parts of AirPhysio components with tap water into the second bowl (make sure it’s distilled/sterile). You can use your hand to give the parts a little shack to remove the soapy residue. This process will ensure all parts are getting a thorough cleaning.

5.   Place the Parts on Drying Rack:

Once rinsing is done, it’s time to dry them (air dry is preferable). Place the AirPhysio parts on the drying rack. The rack will help to remove excess water from the parts.

6.   Reassemble All the Parts:

Now use a dry towel to wipe every drop of water from the parts of AirPhysio. Once all the pieces are wiped dry, reassemble them by reversing the disassembly steps. Store the AirPhysio in a cool and dry location unless you’re using it.

How Often to Clean The AirPhysio?

Well, to keep the AirPhysio hygienic and ready for use, you have to clean it after every use. Every time you use the AirPhysio and germs get in, you can’t use it again without getting rid of them.

Alongside cleaning the AirPhysio after using it, you also need to disinfect the device once a week. You can take help from an alcohol solution to disinfect your AirPhysio.

Safety Precautions to Keep in Mind While Cleaning The AirPhysio

While cleaning the AirPhysio, you must follow some safety precautions. Otherwise, the wrong cleaning approach can ruin the appearance and effectiveness of your OPEP device. If you are wondering what safety precautions you need to maintain, follow the below-provided guidance.

  • Only use ethyl or isopropyl alcohol for disinfecting the parts.
  • Never soak the internal parts of AirPhysio in hot water.
  • Scrabbling any parts of AirPhysio can cause damage.
  • Avoid drying AirPhysio parts in direct sunlight, dry them at room temperature.

Final Thoughts

AirPhysio is useful for clearing mucus and getting your lungs to function more efficiently. This device can help you get rid of respiratory conditions like Asthma, Atelectasis, Chronic Bronchitis, etc. It can increase your lung capacity and help you take healthier deep breaths again with healthy lungs.

Since AirPhysio works for your respiratory system, it requires special care. Special care means nothing but proper cleaning and maintenance. We’ve shown How do you clean your AirPhysio, and how often you do it. Don’t forget to take the safety precautions we’ve mentioned alongside.

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