How Has Whatsapp Impacted Business?

In today’s world, many business opportunities can be explored by using Whatsapp. Whatsapp for business is the most popular messaging platform and has an estimated 1.5 billion daily users. If your business has not yet started using this platform, now is the right time to make a move toward it.

Automate your communication with chatbots

Chatbots are a great way to automate customer service. Answering FAQs and technical questions can be automated, but you need to ensure that you have the right content in place before implementing it. The best way is to use chatbots as a tool for basic or complex questions of your customers.

For example, if someone asks, “Where can I find widgets?” it’s easier for them if they get an instant answer from your chatbot rather than waiting on hold or talking to someone personally who may not know the answer right away. A good rule of thumb is that a chatbot should answer any question that has an obvious answer.

Another advantage of using automation technology such as bots is their ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently—and sometimes faster than any human could!

Maintain customer service via Whatsapp

When it comes to customer service, WhatsApp is a godsend. As customers continue to expect a seamless and personalized experience, businesses are looking for ways to automate the answers they give their customers while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

The good news is that with Whatsapp as an intermediary, you can now offer various automated responses relevant to your business that can be delivered at scale.

This will ensure that you address each inquiry efficiently and maintain good relations with your customers by keeping them informed about their orders or inquiries for long periods without needing further input from them (you).

Create and send marketing messages via Whatsapp

You can create and send marketing messages via Whatsapp. You can integrate your existing database with the WhatsApp database so that when a customer responds, you can track the reply. This is an effective way to market products or services; for example, if you have a sale on a certain product, then send out an offer to all those who have indicated an interest in buying it.

Verint experts state, “Exceed customer expectations with unique and personalized conversational experiences.”

Analyze and improve the business performance

The use of analytics can be a great way to improve your business. By analyzing the data collected from WhatsApp, you can make decisions that will help you grow and identify how your employees are spending their time and where they need more training. You can also use this information to identify areas where customer satisfaction could be improved or where there are opportunities for increased sales. Here are some examples:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by sending out promotions based on users’ purchases.
  • Provide new services based on what users ask about or what their interests seem to be.

So, in conclusion, it’s clear that WhatsApp has impacted business. The increase of business owners using the app to interact with customers and prospects is one of the biggest examples of this. The fact that it’s so easy to use also makes it a great option for small businesses that only have a little time or money to spend on marketing campaigns.