How Memory Foam Seat Cushions Can Ease Your Back Pain

After a long day, many of us find ourselves dealing with sore, achy backs. If you spend your days seated at a desk or driving long distances in a car or truck, you’ve most likely experienced pain somewhere on your back at some point or another.

But you may not have known if there is anything you can do to relieve that pain. Luckily, there are quality memory foam seat cushions that can help to ease your aching back.

What Causes Back Pain?

First we need to identify what could be causing your back pain.

A lot of back pain is caused by a sedentary lifestyle spent in low-quality seating. But the modern-day seating we use is bad for us in surprising ways.

A lot of seats are over-cushioned with soft material that doesn’t allow for proper posture. This leads to too much pressure being placed where it shouldn’t be, which causes that back pain.

How Memory Foam Cushions Can Help

So how can you solve this constant back pain issue? By treating the problem at the source and trying out a memory foam seat cushion.

These seat cushions help by redistributing the weight on your bottom and keeping your spine aligned properly. This means less stress on the wrong vertebra and naturally improved seated posture.

Types of Memory Foam Cushions You Can Use

There are plenty of different types of memory foam seat cushions that you can use to solve all different kinds of back pain.

Take a look at these two common types of memory foam seat cushions and see what they can do for you.

Coccyx Cushions

Some of the most common and effective seat cushions for back pain are coccyx cushions.

These are thick memory foam cushions that come in a sort of U shape. The cut-out is meant to be placed facing the back of the seat to allow space so that your coccyx doesn’t have to remain pressed against the surface of your chair.

By taking all pressure off of your coccyx (what is usually referred to as the “tail bone”), you allow your spine to remain properly aligned, avoiding any bruising or those frustrating backaches.

Lower Lumbar Cushions

Lower lumbar cushions work in a different way than coccyx cushions and are placed differently.

They are curved to the shape of your lower back. They come with straps that allow you to strap them onto the back of your chair and adjust them depending on your height.

They work by holding the natural curve of your back in shape. They also provide you with a healthy reminder to sit further forward on your seat which engages your core muscles and keeps you from slouching.

Where Can You Use Foam Seat Cushions?

So where exactly can you use these memory foam seat cushions?

Let’s take a look at what options you have.

At the Office

The most obvious place you may think to use your seat cushions is at the office. Since it’s usually a place where you spend a good portion of your time during the week, this makes sense.

When you’re working, you also tend to get fatigued, which leads to slouching and poor posture. Adding a seat cushion to your daily office routine can save your achy breaky back.

In the Car

Whether you’re a food delivery, rideshare, or truck driver, you spend the majority of your workday in your car. So why not make your workspace more comfortable by adding a memory foam seat cushion to your office on wheels?

Try a Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Back Pain Relief

If you’ve been suffering from back pain that has an unknown cause, a foam seat cushion could be just what you need.