How the Surge Trader Scaling Plan works

Trading in the international forex market is one of the most popular ways to quickly build up investment capital. But many experienced traders are interested in increasing their earnings and expanding their trading opportunities. Proprietary trading with company funds becomes an alternative to trading forex through a broker’s platform with your own money. We have prepared for you an article about Surge Trader. In it you will learn about the features and conditions of the leading companies with this specialisation.

A prop company is an organisation that assesses a trader’s skills by completing a probationary period and, if successful, provides the performer with a certain amount in their own account to trade forex.

Some firms specialise in teaching Forex trading, and the best graduates are offered a place on the team and proprietary trading facilities. During the test period, the management assesses:

  • The trader’s skill level.
  • Features of his trading strategy.
  • The ability to work in accordance with the rules of the company.
  • Capital management principles and risk management, etc.

In order to gain access to trading on a proprietary account, you will usually need to deposit a certain amount into your account as a guarantee fee. This can be an entry fee or a monthly fee for the ability to use the company’s funds in trading. The profit made is distributed in the ratio of 60–70% to the trader and 30–40% to the firm, and in some cases you may be able to keep up to 90% of the profits from your account. The Surge Trader Scaling Plan will help you increase your capital profitably! Trading in a proprietary account is a good way for an experienced trader to receive extra funding and increase profits by increasing trading lots and expanding the list of available investment instruments.

SurgeTrader offers a promising earning option for experienced traders by providing trading capital for trades. You should choose one of 6 available trading options, pass the test and continue trading with a starting balance in a real account. The peculiarity of the company is that traders are not subject to any mandatory regulations regarding the number of transactions or time spent in the market. Applicants are disqualified if they sustain a 5% drawdown on the start-up deposit or suffer a daily loss of 4% of their account. The profit target in any tariff is 10%.