How to Be Realistic with a Hair Transplant

Are you fed up of being self-conscious about your balding? Some men pretend to embrace getting older and starting to go bald. It is viewed of as a natural thing when you age. But, when you lose your hair at an early age or in random spots, it can hit your confidence hard. You might resort to wearing a hat all the time, or even avoid events altogether around new people. This might be why you are considering a hair transplant.

Indeed, a hair transplant can be live transformative. Men and women enjoy this procedure and it restores their confidence and gives them a new lease on life. But, with any type of treatment, you have to be realistic. Setting your expectations too high and being unreasonable can mean that you are disappointed. Great things can be achieved through this surgery. But, you still have to stay grounded. Here are some tips on how to be realistic with a hair transplant.

Understand Why You are Balding

First, you need to know why you are losing hair and going bald. This lets you know what I happening with your body and the best way to fix the problem. For many men, this is due to male pattern baldness. This results in permanent hair loss. Often, this is down to genetics and you will see it runs in the family. It is also down to androgens. For example, you can experience hair loss on the top of your head or have a receding hairline. Everyone is slightly different in how they experience this.

You should know that a hair transplant is a good way to solve male pattern baldness. As long as you have healthy hair follicles somewhere else on your scalp, they can be moved to the affected areas. Check out the before and after examples from Dr Yaman to see what can be achieved. Indeed, some of these patients had male pattern baldness and were able to transform their hair with this procedure. 

Choose Your Surgeon Carefully

One of the most important things you need to do when it comes to a hair transplant is select your surgeon carefully. Their skills and experience is going to have a direct effect on the results you achieve. Think about it; they are the ones extracting the hair follicles and this must be done safely. Then, they are placing the hair grafts in the affected area. This is a very precise surgery and you have to have a lot of training and expertise to ensure it works.

Consequently, to get the results you want, you cannot settle for any surgeon. You must carefully research them and find one you trust. What’s more, you want to read about their experience and what they have done in the past. Look for testimonials and reviews. It also helps to look at before and after photos from the clinic.

Know That the Full Results Take Time

Know that you are not just going to achieve a full head of hair overnight. Hair transplants are advanced now and there is fantastic technology available. But, it is still a surgery and this means that time is necessary for healing and seeing the full results. Generally, surgeons advise that it can take up to one year to see the full results from this procedure. So, it is necessary to be patient and you will transform your life.

Therefore, keep telling yourself that the full results will take one year. This way, if you start to see progress for this, it is a bonus. Often, it can take around three months for any real grow to be seen. Before this time, it is normal to shed hair, which can be alarming at first and seems like you have taken a step back. But, it is all part of the process.

Some Recovery is Necessary

Advanced techniques mean that some surgeons can achieve amazing results and the recovery time is shorter. But, many people jump to conclusions and believe that this means no recovery is necessary at all. This is not true and have you realize that recovery is good for healing. You want the hair grafts to heal nicely so that you achieve the best results.

Often, you can return to work quite quickly. This can be around one week after surgery. But, you should press pause on strenuous exercise for around one month. This is going to allow your body to recovery and ensure there is no addition stress on the hair grafts. Your surgeon can also give you instructions for washing your hair and how to do this correctly.

The Results Depend on Your Hair Follicles

Something that you must remember is that a hair transplant involves moving healthy hair follicles to the area that is experiencing balding. The graft will heal and the hair will grow back again. This is how you can achieve natural results since you are using your own hair follicles for the process.

But, you have to be realistic in this process. Indeed, you have to have health hair follicles to begin with. This is going to be something you discuss with your surgeon. They will let you know whether you have enough and how many grafts you require. But, there will be some circumstances where the density is not as you might have imagined it. This is why you should try and lower your expectations if the hair follicles are not as abundant as they could be. 

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