How to become a shooter and compete in the Olympics.

The answers written by others to this question are quite misleading and completely false. It’s because 5 years ago I found out how to start shoting sport myself. I was qualified to answer this question. I have won several national and state medals in the past five years and also received various organizations’ sponsorships.

But I feel it is very important to get rid of fundamental misunderstandings related to pistol shooting before answering this question.

Firstly, shooting with air pistol / shooting rifle is not very costly and you don’t have to be part of the military to play this sport. My local portfolio costs INR 750 a month, including unrestricted use of the range and leasing of a first rate gun. In comparison, my local fitness center charges me over 1000 INR per month!

Second, no air pistol or rifle has to be purchased straight away! I ‘d rent an air pistol from my range for practical matches for my first 2 years of pistol shooting. This made it far more accessible to watch the event. I just made an investment in an air pistol because I decided I wanted to take competition very seriously.

I will now offer a step-by – step guide on how to begin gun shooting.

Step 1: Google your town name with “shooting ranges.” Choose the different choices now. Make sure your preferred selection is close to you, because you can exercise more often if you stay near the spectrum.

Step 2: Contact the different ranges (using Google figures) and inquire about basic / starting course rates and total range use to see which ranges fit within the budget. You should start training right now and join your team. It’s so easy!

Then it is mandatory to take a safety shooting class from a State authorized shooting club or a State association if you wish to take part in competitions. In order to participate in any competition, you must also become a member of the state shooting association.

You may then use the guns (.177 caliber) and/or the .22 air guns or bore weapons at your club to enter state level. If your club has decent weapons and you are playing competitively at national levels, you don’t have to buy your own weapons!

In Indian, the state is fortunately the first platform to start shooting, unlike most other sports in the area or district, etc.

You must apply for the pre-national competition and prepare for the open national competition from there.

It is an awesome sport that can improve your attention span, relieve depression and make you a happier person. It’s an great place to continue shooting.

Shooting a pistol is not really time consuming and you are a great shooter even three days a week. Check out my other comments to shooting and feel free to tell me about any questions connected with shooting!

Is it possible to start 10 m Air Rifle Shooting at the age of 24

In contrast to other competitive activities in Play, age is less important to shooting. In their 40s, many competitors still participate and medal in the Olympics, but it’s not easy to qualify for. It is more appropriate for you to work 6-8 years, but you might do so if you have 5/6 of the following:

Dedication – Any athletes have been training only part-time, but they are the case, they are not the rule. You would have to be able to give up all your jobs in order to make this the only thing that you do every four years if you want to compete at the Olympics.

Natural talent – You’ve got physical talent if you can shoot on average 98/100 in your first year. If that is the case, you will continue to focus on tournaments and mental planning. If 98/100 can not be evident during this period, the Olympic standard is expected to take even longer than 4 years.

Time – You should plan to practice 5-6 days a week without breaks, whether you do it part-time or not.

Money – You should rent any equipment in order to check out the sport. But you’ll need your own guns /equipment and travel money, if you want to be professional.

For any event at ISSF World Copes, World Championships, and other big events, Olympic quota places are allocated to countries based on 2 top places. In order to compete for such competitions, if there is one, you will be sent to the national sports association. You will be eligible to apply independently if the sport does not thrive in your area.