How to bet on football matches for the upcoming season?

Sports betting in India is becoming popular with each passing day. With regulations from the Government of India coming into action, the entire space of online sports betting has become more mature and structured in the past few years. Football is the second most popular game among users when it comes to betting in India. There is a massive fan base for tournaments like the English Premier League and the La Liga. Football predictions today have gone to another level where betting can be done on multiple levels. You can bet on a wide range of parameters ranging from selecting a player in the starting 11 to the number of goals scored by each team.

The possibilities in the online betting space in India are limitless. There can’t be a better way to enjoy a game where, while rooting for your favourite team to win, you can also make money from the individual performances of players from both teams. All you need is a laptop/smartphone and a decent internet connection. The entire process of setting up your profile on these online betting sites is pretty straightforward. Great betting websites, like Marathonbet, provide an excellent user interface for users to navigate through the entire options of betting available for them.

The entire process of depositing money and withdrawing your profits is effortless and safe. The operations are well regulated to make sure there is no ambiguity or scope of fraudulent activities. This article will help you in getting started with online betting on football matches.

Most Famous Leagues for Betting

Let us look at some famous football leagues from around the world where you can bet.

The following are the most significant leagues in the world where you will find the most bettors.

∙ English Premier League (England)

∙ Spanish La Liga (Spain)

∙ German Bundesliga (Germany)

∙ Italian Serie A (Italy)

There are two major Indian leagues, too, where you can bet your money.

∙ Indian Super League

∙ I-League

Types of Football Betting

The following are the different ways you can bet on a single match or even an entire tournament.

1. Futures: This is long-term betting where you get to bet on the entire tournament. To get the best risk-reward ratios, try betting in advance. However, the betting window is open throughout the tournament.

2. Match Betting: This is the most popular type of betting. Here you have to bet on the outcome of a single match. You can even bet on the possibility of a draw. The betting window closes right before the list of starting 11 is announced by both teams.

3. Prop Betting: This has nothing to do with the outcome of the match. Rather than putting your money on a single team, here you get to bet on which player will outperform in the game. The most famous example is to bet on a player to reach the Man of the Match award.

4. Totals: This is where you are directly betting against a pre-decided total. The most famous example is the total number of goals to be scored in the match. The website, say 3.5 fix the total number of goals, and then you have to bet if the total number of goals will be higher or lower than this static value. Your winning amount will depend on how far away from the fixed value have you bet. The farther your bet, the better is your reward if you win.

Hence, betting on football predictionstoday is very easy. You will get used to these terms very fast, and within a few days of betting, you will start making your strategies to make money out of it.

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