How to Build a Good IoT Application?

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer new. At the moment, there are many applications on the market for automated home appliances, smart homes, automobiles, industrial technology and medicine. Of course, developing such applications is not without its complications.

In particular, developers in this case may face the following problems iot app development services:

Data Leakage Threat

Many IoT devices not only collect but also store large amounts of data. In addition, receiving and processing data is an important component of this technology. And this jeopardizes the confidentiality of users’ personal information.

Hacker attacks

Hacker attacks are nowhere to be found – but IoT applications are fairly easy to hack, making them often targets of cybercriminals.

Device capacity versus latency

To improve the performance of an IoT device, developers are looking for various ways to reduce latency and increase device capacity. The problem is that these two things are inversely proportional to each other. If one of them gets better, the other gets worse. A few tips for developing IoT applications:

Use a ready-made platform

Build your application using existing platforms that are equipped with security features.

Use reliable equipment

Use only equipment that you are confident is safe. In particular, touch sensors for smart things should only be purchased from trusted manufacturers.

Consider User Experience

Talk to your customers and find out how people interact with IoT things and what their basic needs are. Focus on improving the features that matter most to your users. What are the most popular IoT applications at the moment?

  • Self-driving car applications;
  • Apps for making contactless purchases in stores;
  • Wearable Electronic Applications.

Apps for smart homes, home appliances, and smart hotel rooms by

The field of application of the technology covers almost all spheres of human life. It is used in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, education and even at home.

Smart office

The “smart office” system is a set of equipment and software solutions. They allow you to control the movement of company personnel and ensure interaction between employees.

The introduction of an internal navigation system “smart office” allows you to optimize the company’s business processes. They are used for position the office as an innovative workspace.

Health care

Many public hospitals are still far from the introduction of modern technologies, but in private clinics, you can already find examples of IoT technology. These include the “life buttons”, and the transfer of test results to the doctor’s computer, and Embrace bracelets, which are able to predict an epileptic seizure.


The Internet of Things is widely used in all areas of the transport sector. In the field of logistics, technology helps customize service processes by tracking vehicles and notifying drivers of unforeseen traffic situations. At train stations and airports, it allows you to plan the desired route, find luggage, and shorten the check-in procedure for the flight. With the help of navigation systems, you can create interactive maps of stations, crossings, tunnels, as well as perform round-the-clock monitoring of passenger traffic.

Industrial production

The modern industrial Internet of Things IIoT includes navigation of personnel in the enterprise and improving the safety of workers while they are in the shops or on the territory of the plant. Let’s consider the features of the system. As an example can be the Navigine platform. It is based on iBeacon technology. it used to bring navigation solutions to industry. After the installation of BLE beacons at the enterprise, the number of incidents related to labor protection of employees is dramatically reduced. And the efficiency increases by an average of 20%.

Personnel tracking

Progress does not pass by offices and staff jobs. Every year more and more items appear in offices. They can interact with the Internet. These include automatic climate control, lighting and burglar alarm control, cyber security systems.

Not the last place in offices is occupied by indoor navigation technologies. They help to quickly track the location of personnel. Monitoring and continuous data collection allows managers to fully control the actions of employees. It’s when they came and when they left. Also it’s how many times they went for a smoke break. And how busy they were with work. This helps to optimize working time and improve business processes.

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