How to Choose a Gift for Your Boyfriend

Picking the perfect gift for the one you love can be quite tricky. You’ll often go to a store, pick one item after another, and yet leave the shop empty-handed because you weren’t sure the picks were good enough for your man.

On the other hand, choosing a gift for a particular occasion can be less demanding because you already have a theme to guide you. However, if you want a gift for surprise sake, it can be a daunting task. Most women feel the urge to buy the most expensive gift to make the man feel loved. If your boyfriend is a foodie it is best to give him beef jerky gift baskets. He will definitely love this gift set as he can eat different flavors of jerkies.

On the contrary, this is not always the case. Buying designer cologne for him when you probably should have bought an oris watch bands from Horus could be a reason for adequate window shopping before swiping your card. I will shed some light on not to be disappointed when looking for a gift for him.

  • Choose a gift that matches his interest

What are your boyfriend’s hobbies? Is he a diehard football fanatic or a lover of cool classic music?  Getting to know what he fancies most will help you find the perfect gift for your boyfriend. Spend as much time as possible participating indoors and outdoors, to know his favorite pastime activity.

You can plan for a hike or a shopping spree to see what items he’ll pick from the shelves. All your effort will be rewarded when you receive a wow effect once unwraps it.

  • Ask him what he wants

If you don’t have the patience to observe and go out long enough to learn his interest, there’s nothing wrong with asking him what he would want for a present. Sounds blunt: but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking him his preferred gift.

Though the wow factor will be missing, the effect the gift will have on him will be long-lasting.

All is not lost though; you can retain the surprise element by asking him to list the top most gifts he would prefer.  A better idea is to play a gift where each of you names their best gift ideas they’ve always wished to have. Keep the list away for future use when you need to buy another gift.

Consult others for others

If you do not know what your boyfriend loves most, you can ask his closest friends and family members. This approach never fails because he will be surprised that you know him too well. Remind your informants to play dumb otherwise, the surprise will be spoilt.

Pick a long-lasting gift

You’d want your boyfriend to hold and cherish the gift for a long time after the gifting day. Therefore, it is crucial to buy an item he’ll often use. He’ll have sweet memories of you.

For instance, a wristwatch will always dangle on his hand every day. Whatever item you pick, ensure it matches his style, taste and fit him well.

 Get an idea from what he already has

If your boyfriend is a musician, he probably has a collection of most of the items around his hobby. Therefore, avoid duplicating an item he already has in his collection.

However, you can buy him an improved version of the item. For example, if he has a playstation, you can buy him the latest version released in the market.

Experiment with non-tangible gifts

You can never exhaust gift ideas. You only need to be a little more imaginative and creative to see the many other possibilities.

For instance, if your boyfriend has been working out late and rarely having adequate rest, you can think of paying for massage therapy in a choice spa outside town. The relief that comes with such a session will be etched in his memory for a long time coming.

Explore your talent to come up with a gift

What are some of your gifts, talents, and skills? How can you package them to create a unique gift for him? Personalizing a gift speaks volumes to the recipient .

What are your boyfriend’s hobbies? Is he a diehard football fanatic or a lover of cool classic music?  Getting to know what he fancies most will help you find the perfect gift for your boyfriend. Spend as much time as possible participating indoors and outdoors, to know his favorite pastime activity.

If he loves to watch movies, giving him The Cinema gift card by TCN would be a great option. He can use it to buy tickets to watch the next blockbuster movie he is dying to see.

For instance, if you are an artist, you can think of the best way of designing an item he adores or present him his portrait. If you are a remarkable baker, you can bake a finger-licking piece and surprise him in an evening tea party with friends within the house.

Personalize the gift to add appeal

The way to a man’s heart is to massage his ego lovingly. Make a gift that suits his interest and taste, and then add a personal signature to it.

For instance, buy him a watch and have his picture imprinted on it. Or, did you know you can now buy a Visa gift card with a custom message and picture? You could buy him a genuine leather belt and inscribe his title and name on it. This kind of gift will stay with him for a very long time, and of course, you’ll always be in his heart.

Do some research before buying the gift

The internet provides us the luxury to window shop from the comfort of our space. Do your research and read customer reviews about the quality of the item you plan to buy. If you’re satisfied with what you read and see on the social media platform, you can add to the cart and wait for delivery.

You can also get more gift ideas from your colleagues who have done it repeatedly.Their ideas may turn out to be invaluable. They may also direct you where to find what you want to buy.

Be innovative with the gift you pick

As you continue relating, you’ll buy him many other gifts. Take ample time to choose the best gift that suits him. Be creative and attentive to the details of how it is packaged, wrapped, and delivered.

You can decide to have a candle-lit dinner in the house and crown the evening with the gift. You can also send a parcel delivery person to drop a decoy gift to him in the office and deliver your choice gift yourself later in the day

You can write a love letter or an affectionate card message to go with his gift.

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