How to Decide on the Right Bridal Ring

When it comes to choosing bridal rings, it is best to make sure you obtain the right size. This may mean being professionally measured for a ring on the appropriate finger, something that most good jewellers will be able to do for you. Before we look more closely at which factors you should take into consideration before making a purchase, it will be worth differentiating between bridal sets, wedding bands and engagement rings.

What Is a Bridal Ring?

To some people, a bridal ring is a wedding ring. That is to say, the ring they will first wear on their wedding day. Traditionally, wedding rings in the UK are simple bands of gold, silver or, in some cases, platinum. However, bridal sets are two items of jewellery which include an engagement ring and a coordinating wedding band. Typically, the stone of the engagement ring will sit over the top of the accompanying wedding band when both are worn together. 

Consequently, a bridal ring could also mean a set or even just an engagement ring depending on who you are talking to. Overall, the key thing to bear in mind is that the same factors often need to be taken into account whether you are referring to a bridal set, a wedding band or an engagement ring. What are these considerations?

Factors to Weigh Up Before Buying a Bridal Ring

  • The Metal

Which metal do you want? Gold is very popular but not everyone likes its yellowish appearance. As such, you might like to consider white gold or rose gold as alternatives. Try to think about what will create a timeless look that won’t age since bridal rings can go out of fashion and you might be wearing one for a long time.

  • The Gemstone

In the case of engagement rings, the type of gemstone is important. Diamonds are traditional for these sorts of bridal rings but they aren’t the only option. The bride-to-be may have blue eyes which might make a sapphire a suitable choice, for example. Consider birthstones and whether or not the chosen gemstone would look good with other jewellery, too.

  • The Carat

The next thing to decide is the carat of the gemstone. The higher the number the larger the diamond will be and the heftier the price tag. Don’t get confused with the carat of the metal you have chosen, though. A gold carat, for example, refers to the purity of the metal or its fineness, not how much of it there happens to be.

  • Does the Seller Provide Authentication or Certification?

Make sure you have some way of valuing the ring you will buy that doesn’t solely rely on the seller’s asking price. You will want to see some certification from the seller on your receipt or elsewhere that states what they have sold you is made from genuine precious metals and stones.

  • Bespoke Designs

Finally, consider a one-off design. According to Bonds of Brentwood, a company that makes and sells jewellery of all types, many people now like to design their own bridal rings even if they’ve no prior experience in three-dimensional creations. Good jewellery makers will be able to take fairly basic sketches and turn them into sumptuous bridal rings to your specification of gemstones and precious metals.