How to Declutter Your Home on a Budget

All that online ordering has your home looking like a department store. 

At first, it seemed like a good buy, but now you have no use for this junk. It is time you get rid of clutter that serves no purpose. 

But the idea of decluttering your home may overwhelm you. So do not try to tackle all that mess by yourself. There are stress-free and economical ways to declutter your home. 

Keep reading for simple and cost-effective decluttering tips.

Free Donation Pickup

Schedule a donation pickup with your local church or Salvation Army. These organizations will pick up your discarded goods free of charge.

You are doing a good deed by donating your gently used items to those in need.

Community Boards and Online Services

Others may find value in your junk, so sell it online and make a quick buck. You can post a for-sale ad on websites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. 

Specify in the ad if you want buyers to pick up the items. You will save yourself the trouble of coordinating a meetup location.

Organize a Garage Sale 

Organize a garage sale and say goodbye to clutter from the comfort of your front yard. Price your items to sell so you are not stuck with scrap at the end of the sale.

Use a Maid Service 

Hire a maid service if you are having trouble organizing the chaos. A maid service will restore order in your home and have a plan for disposing of unwanted items.

Click here to view maid services and rates in your area.

Ask Friends for Help 

Plan an evening of cleaning with close friends. Having helping hands helps the time go by quicker.

Repay your friends with food and anything they may want from your discard pile. Your friends will find creative ways to repurpose your clutter.

KonMari Method

Use the KonMari method to tidy your home and reduce clutter. The KonMari method was created by a Japanese organizing consultant named Marie Kondo. She focuses on tidying up by category instead of by room.

The purpose of this tidying method is to give thanks to the items you wish to let go of. This gesture is a sign of gratitude for the purpose an item served in your life. 

The KonMari method turns cleaning into a sacred act and gives meaning to the things you own.

Benefits of Decluttering

It is difficult to focus on important tasks when there is clutter in your space. Decluttering your home clears up your head space. 

You can also host guests without shame since you kicked the junk to the curb.

Declutter Your Home

Challenge yourself to regularly declutter your home so your space does not get overloaded with junk. Staying on top of your clutter will save you time and energy.

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