How to Dress Comfortably for the Office After Sustaining an Injury

Have you recently been in an accident and suffered injuries due to it? A broken leg or arm will require will likely require a cast or boot to help keep the area stable and safe while healing. And while today’s casts and boots are lighter weight and more comfortable than before, they can still cause issues when it’s time to get dressed especially when you need to look office-appropriate at work. Here are some simple fashion tips you can use that will ensure you are both comfortable and professional looking during the healing process.

Choose Lightweight Fabrics That Are Loose Fitting

The first consideration should be the fabric you wear. Now isn’t the time for tight restrictive clothing. Instead, pick something lightweight and loose-fitting. You may even be able to slip the clothing over your cast or boot, depending on how loose it is. It should be drapey enough that it hangs over your cast, rather than cling to it.

A few fabrics that offer this kind of draping include linen, cotton, and bamboo, all of which can come in office-appropriate styles.

Be Mindful of the Cut and Style of the Clothing

Whether you have a broken arm or leg, another tip is to be mindful of the cut and style of the outfit. Loose-fitting maxi dresses will conceal a broken leg with ease, yet still look incredibly stylish. You can also wear separates, choosing a maxi-length skirt and blouse to go with it. If you’re suffering from a broken arm, choose short sleeves or a tank, and then layer a loose-fitting cardigan over the top. This will allow for maximum flexibility and movement.

Wear Flat Shoes for Balance and Comfort

In terms of footwear, if you have a cast or boot on your leg you’ll have no choice but to wear flat shoes on your non-injured leg. Wearing flats will also provide you with the most stability and balance, which is important since you don’t want to risk falling and hurting yourself further. The good news is that you can find very stylish and professional-looking flats nowadays that are perfect for the office.

Look Into Working from Home

You may want to speak to your employer to see if you can work from home, at least in the short term. That allows you to wear whatever you’re comfortable in and skip all the stress.

Are You Eligible for Compensation?

It’s worth noting that if your injuries were caused by negligence on the part of another person/party, you may be eligible for compensation. Car accidents are among the most common personal injury claims that lawyers deal with, so it’s well worth setting up a consultation. Compensation can cover your medical bills, loss of earnings while you heal, and even pain and suffering.

Staying Comfortable While Looking Professional Is Possible

So if you’re trying your best to deal with injuries sustained in an accident and you’re stressed about how you can still dress professionally for the office, these tips will help.

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