How To Earn Money Playing Games

Gamers have spent almost 135$ million on games in 2018. But it isn’t only the gaming companies that are making the tone of cash, but the gamers. Playing games is now a full-time job like some gamers earn millions by they turn 30. There are many gamers present all around the world who have perfected the money-making formula.  Generally speaking, there are three significant ways gamers can earn a living.

1.       E-sports

2.       Live streaming

3.       Lottery Games


E-sports is a competitive gaming method at a professional level, where you earn just playing against online gamers. Instead of physically going to an organized event where there’s cash prize is at stake. There are no specific organizers who control an E-sports event. Each E-sports league is based around a particular game. In 2017, E-sports generated $655 million globally, and in 2021 it is supposed to make 1.2B dollars. For games like over watch, the minimum salaries about $50,00, but for games like League of legends, the average player salary is over $320,000.


Live streaming gameplay is another significant moneymaker. Sites like twitch on YouTube provides gamers with lots of monetizable eyeballs. Over more than $850 million hours of content were watched in October 2018. And its most-watched game is Fortnite. Unlike E-sports tournaments held at organized time and place, streamers make money whenever they go live. They don’t have to rely on games to earn cash.

Streamers make money through paid subscriptions, bits, donations, ads, sponsorship, and merchandise. The bigger the audience, the more money a live streamer earns. The global gaming market expected $148.1 billion in 2019.

Lottery Games

The third way to earn cash through gaming is the lottery. In the lottery, you predict the number which will win. You put money on a specific number. And if you are lucky enough that your number wins. You will win the prize money.  Many gamers also think that the lottery is more like a combination of your luck and the brain. However, some believe that it is merely your fortune, which makes you win.

 Lottery games are famous in countries like Indonesia and Hongkong. Prediksi Togel Hongkong is an online lottery game that people love to play.

Gamers can accept to earn more cash in the years ahead. With the years of development, it is clear that there is an earning future present for those who want to pursue gaming profe

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