How to Find a Reputable Car Shipping Company with Honest Quotes

Auto transport is a highly specialized industry that requires intricate logistics. Thanks to technological innovations, however, this process has become safer and more efficient than ever. However, many factors influence the cost of auto transporting which we will discuss, including various car shipping solutions as well as challenges and trends shaping it in this article.


No matter whether it’s across state lines or across international waters, there are companies ready to assist you with car shipping needs. Many have excellent customer ratings and competitive pricing as well as offering additional services such as vehicle washes and background checks on drivers. Some even provide add-on insurance should something go wrong during transport.

Customer reviews should be tantamount for the company you eventually decide on. The company should boast a customer rating of at least 2.6 out of 5, as this is a relatively average rating and can be trusted for authenticity. While any of your concerns are valid ones, you should read these reviews with caution and judge for yourself whether or not the particular transport option you’ve chosen meets your needs.


Auto transport insurance provides car owners with a way to protect their vehicle during its shipment process. Before choosing a company to transport your car, it’s a good idea that you understand what this form of protection entails.

Most reputable companies will be more than happy to provide proof of insurance and answer any of your queries about it. In particular, they should be able to tell you whether their policy covers all damages that occur during transport or if a certain deductible must be met in case a claim needs to be submitted.

Dependent upon the insurer, any damage claims for your car when shipping may need to be dealt with directly by the carrier. You should also review your personal auto policy to see what kind of coverage there may be available when sending off your car for shipping.

Carrier insurance (which you can click here to learn about) is required by law for companies that ship cars, and brokers typically offer additional policies as an additional service to their clients. While not compulsory, additional policies can provide important protection in case of damages to a shipment.

Understanding the difference between carriers and brokers can also be extremely useful. A carrier is defined as any company with their own fleet of trucks licensed to ship vehicles; on the other hand, brokers connect customers to carriers but may or may not own their own trucks themselves.

Pick-up and Delivery Times

Car transport companies typically offer guaranteed pickup and delivery times, making this an attractive service option for those in a rush to move their vehicle quickly. However, not all companies offering such services are trustworthy; you must verify whether or not the one you select is indeed a legitimate broker/carrier instead of one of many scams out there.

There are various factors that impact the pickup and delivery time for your vehicle, with location being one of the primary influences. If it is located in an easily accessible metropolitan area, delivery should take much less time as major highways and interstates provide quicker travel routes than country roads.

Weather conditions also play an important part of transport time. Bad weather on either end will significantly lengthen delivery time; car carriers prioritize safety over speed when driving in severe conditions, leading them to avoid driving at such times and leading to delays in shipping duration.

Planning is key when it comes to reducing delays when booking transport services, and setting an easy access point such as meeting at a parking lot or along a roadway is crucial for car carriers to access.

Customer Service

Many people take advantage of car shipping services to reduce the burden of driving their vehicle across long distances, whether moving cities or states or picking up a brand new car that they can’t collect immediately. Outstanding customer service is integral to an enjoyable auto transport experience and there are several companies who excel at providing this.

A carrier owns its trucks and handles every aspect of vehicle shipping whereas brokers simply find a carrier to deliver your car to its final destination – which could create confusion when comparing a Roadrunner auto transport quote with their competitor. To be certain always ask the company itself whether they are acting as either carrier or broker.

A good way to find such companies is reading reviews on Yelp, BBB or Transport Reviews sites such as these and comparing prices between companies. However, to get an accurate price quote it is essential to distinguish between carriers and brokers (which is explained earlier in this article).

Before hiring a transport company, always request proof of licenses and insurance from them in order to safeguard yourself against scammers. Inquire as well about their transport route so as to ensure that your vehicle arrives on time in optimal condition.

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