How To Find the Best Aussie Digital Marketing Agency for You

So, you’re on the hunt for the best digital marketing agency in Sydney, this is a great first step towards bettering your digital footprint with SEO. But not all agencies are made the same, and with so many on the market, we’ve decided to put down the traits we consider the best in your prospective agency. 

Take a read-through, and we’ll walk you through it. 

They care about Research & Development

You want a digital marketing agency that is all about efficiency, but not cutting corners, using templates, or rushing. They simply know how important it is to find cost-effective solutions for everyday issues.

The only way to accomplish this is to put research and development at the forefront and work towards constant improvement.  Many SEO agencies just do the job, they don’t care about doing the best job.

They Don’t Use One Strategy for All

One strategy for all is just a simple way for an agency to ignore the nuances of your company. The right agency will see you as a unique entity that needs a unique solution, so even if they do have a base strategy, they will take the time to alter things and tweak their processes to suit you and your goals.

They’re Data-Backed, Not Guesswork Backed

When you look at the agency do they show you case studies? Do they have data to show that this is what works? If not it’s a red flag and shows that a lot of guessing is going on behind the scenes. The best agencies, on the other hand, collect data using top tools and use this data to tell them what direction they need to go in. 

They Are Quick on Their Feet 

The best agency is fast thinking. After all consumer behavior changes happen daily, google algorithm changes happen without warning and new trends are always on the horizon. They need to be okay with the changing landscape and be ahead of the curve every single time. This way the gap closes between you and your competitors and you’re closer to your goals. 

 The Best Technical Team

Digital marketing isn’t just about the strategy or the knowledge you need, it’s also about technicalities. Things like the back end of your website, Google’s algorithm intricacies, and search engine algorithm are all technical parts of digital marketing, and only when these are optimised and well understood can you grow. 

For example, if you find that people aren’t spending enough time on your website to make a purchase, technical SEO is what looks into the reasons, is the webpage loading too slowly, is the content not helpful, is the design outdated, is the entire website too hard to navigate?

By working on the technicalities, things just go smoother overall. 

They Let you Be in Charge

Some digital agencies let you be in charge; others act like they’re in charge of you. Just because the digital agency knows things you don’t, it doesn’t mean they get to ignore you. If you find that someone is starting to sound like they’re the best gift to digital marketing since Google, you need to watch out. The reality is that your goals, your brand voice, and the direction you want to go in are what should lead the digital marketing agency. 

Beyond just giving you the lead in strategies and projects, you should also be able to see reports of the current strategies so you can see how things are going and if things need to be tweaked. This is a sign of transparency on the part of the digital marketing agency and that you can trust them. 

If you want someone on your side who is all these things and more, Perfect Link Building is the Sydney locals for you! Say hello and get started on the right foot for 2024! 

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