How to find the Best Movers Near You

Moving can be less stressful if you hire the best movers to do the job for you. There are several moving companies around but you need one that is closer to you and would respond promptly to your needs. Now finding the best mover near you can be a long process.

Running a search can yield a lot of results but here are tips to help you find the best mover near you in Boston moving and storage.

Tips for choosing the best moving company


Moving is not something you do every day. But somehow, you would know someone who has. Reach out to friends and family members who have hired a moving company. Ask them for referrals. Chances are they have experiences with several and can best direct you to choose the best movers for you.

If you are moving with a real estate agent, you could also ask them. Having worked with several moving companies, they should guide you in choosing the best movers near you. One reason this is a safe way to find movers is that they are often referrals from people you can trust. The need for movers near me became evident as you started to gather estimates for your move and realized that you needed the expertise and resources of a professional moving company to handle the job.

Do your research

You want to know the moving companies around you. A guide in your research is checking those companies that can best meet your needs. Do you have a lot of fragile items? Which company would be best able to move them without damage? What types of vehicles do they have? Is there a specification for what they can carry?

Google is a place to begin. Run a search on movers around, and check their websites, photos, and contact. You would be presented with a list of moving companies that provide the service you need. However, adding your location would narrow your search result so do not forget to include that.

Your research would also turn out information such as their contact and address. This makes communication after deciding on a company possible and easy. 

Check for insurance and licenses

A moving company would be carrying your valuables some more fragile than others. You would want to commit these into secured hands. Insurance is required to cover damages to properties. Do these companies have insurance? If they do, what do they cover and what are the clauses in the policy?

Check that the company has the required certifications and licenses required to operate. Certifications are given after companies meet the requirements for operation. Some companies might have professional accreditations. This is especially needed if you would be moving interstate. If you are moving within the state, check with the requirements of your local authority.

Don’t ignore customer service

Dealing with poor customer service can make your whole moving experience more tedious than it should be. Reach out to ask questions. Get a personal feel about their customer service. In many situations, this portrays the values of the company. 

You would need to do this because the moving process might require several calls going back and forth. You want to always be responded to in a welcoming manner. Most of the best movers would usually have good customer service. This makes your interaction easy and builds your trust as they work.

Go over the cost and payment again

The best movers would be ones within your budget. Part of the things to consider is how much the moving company is charging for packing. What extra services do they provide? Do these come at an extra cost? 

You want to consider what mode of payment is acceptable and convenient for you as well as how soon you are expected to pay. While considering payment and cost, be wary of companies that request large deposits before moving. 

Request for and compare estimates from different companies to decide which suits your budget most. 

What are people saying

These days, most businesses have a website. It is also important to get a glimpse of what other customers think about them. This way, you have different thoughts on the quality of service they provide. How do they handle their customers? What was a major complaint customers had about hiring them?

More than the perspective of the people, does the company respond to messages and comments? If they do, this shows their commitment and value to their customer. 

Asides from their websites, check their social media pages as well. More than just the reactions of the online followers, you can also get a few moving hacks. You might do this for several companies before deciding on which you would prefer.

Final thoughts

Moving can be difficult but with the right moving company, this should not be difficult. While you might have several choices, you need to select the one you are comfortable working with and that suits your moving needs best. Follow through the tips shared here to find the best movers near you.