How to Get a Loan on an Aadhaar Card or Pan Card?

Are you scouting around the internet for financial assistance to renovate your property, purchasing electronic gadgets, accomplishing a dream project or wedding, etc? If yes, then it is better to approach money view loans where you could easily obtain an instant personal loan using either a PAN card or Aadhar card.

Note: To fill up the application form, you are required to follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Check and verify whether you are eligible to apply for a loan amount
  • Choose a loan that caters to your financial requirements
  • Upload the relevant documents
  • Obtain the loan amount credited to your bank account

First, you need to register on a website or a mobile app of the concerned lender by furnishing personal information. For the verification process, the Aadhar card is mandatory and it is accepted as ID proof across the nation. Your PAN card is required to carry out financial activities within the country. It clearly describes the financial stability of an application, thereby assisting the lender in speeding up the loan application.

Yes, it is a fact that Aadhar and PAN card does not help in fetching a loan, but it is helpful in confirming your identity while ensuring a seamless application process. The majority of the banking institutions and lenders won’t process loan applications in the absence of a pan card.

Both the Non-banking finance companies and banks must gather KYC details of customers before granting a loan. Apart from applying for a loan, an Aadhar card is used to open a bank account and execute banking transactions. Therefore, possessing an Aadhar card would make sure that the loan application process is made simpler rather than waiting for the lengthy documentation procedure. 

Loan on PAN Card

PAN refers to Permanent Account Number and it bears a unique 10 digit alphanumeric number that is assigned to each person residing in India. It is very helpful particularly if you wish to carry out any financial transactions or for filing income tax returns. The majority of the banking institutions demand your PAN number to grant a loan and carry out transactions that might exceed the threshold.

The absence of the above-mentioned identification number might lead to complications and an inability to carry out standard transactions as well. Upon receiving the Aadhar card, it is highly recommended to link it with your bank account to execute financial dealings. This is also helpful to get approved for a personal loan. Nevertheless, if you do not possess an Aadhar card that is not linked to the corresponding bank, it might become an uphill task while applying for a personal loan.

Note: Applicant might need to upload several documents. The concerned lender would take ample time to complete the verification process.

Loan Application Process through Online 

Application for an online personal loan could be executed from the cozy comfort of your home and you have adequate space to conduct research. It is also highly recommended to make use of a personal loan calculator to get familiar with the loan an individual is eligible for by inputting monthly salary obligations if any.

Likewise, it is also possible to determine the EMI you need to pay by fluctuating interest rate with the help of a personal loan EMI calculator. A major benefit of a personal loan calculator is that you could examine multiple combinations to arrive at the least-expensive option.

To conclude, if you possess an Aadhar card and got it linked to your PAN card or bank account, then it will be extremely easier to obtain a personal loan from most financial institutions. 

Relevant Documents Required for Receiving a Loan

ID Proof: Some of the most accepted documents include Photostat of driver’s license/PAN Card, Voters ID/Aadhar Card, or Passport.

Address Proof:

Accepted documents include a copy of the latest electricity bill/telephone bill/property tax receipt/Passport/voter’s ID card.

Monthly Income Statement:

Some of the accepted documents include salary slips, bank statements, or Income tax returns. 

The Significance of Aadhar Card for a Personal Loan

Aadhar card was introduced back in the year 2010 by the Indian Government. It is a unique 12 digit alphanumeric number assigned to each citizen in India. Each bank and Non-banking finance company are supposed to gather customer’s KYC documentation before the execution of financial transactions. With the help of an Aadhar card, you will be able to open a bank account and obtain a personal loan.

Apart from acting as an identification for a banking transaction, it is also helpful in acquiring loans and for receiving a credit card. A major highlight concerning the Aadhar card is that it helps prevent fraudulent transactions as it features biometric data which recognizes an individual with a single 12 digital number. Moreover, it is useful to block money laundering while maintaining a record of several financial transactions.

An Aadhar card has become an inevitable document, especially while applying for a personal loan. It will help in completing the verification process without any confusion and get your loan sanctioned quickly. You are required to submit certain supporting documents for carrying out identification as well as a PAN number to determine eligibility. This helps in saving a considerable amount of time rather than sending an application to get your loan approved.

Once you find yourself eligible for a personal loan, you may send a quick loan application online. When the documents are verified and the loan application is approved, you could expect the loan amount credited to your bank account within twenty-four hours.

Why is a PAN Card Essential to Obtain a Personal Loan?

PAN refers to Permanent Account Number which is a unique ten-digit alphanumeric number assigned to each citizen residing in India. It is helpful to avert any sorts of tax evasion while preventing money laundering. PAN is mandatory to carry out transactions and taxation as well in the country. If in case you fall under the category of tax, you should have a PAN number to file income tax returns. 


An online loan application is indeed one of the desirable options wherein you will get your loan sanctioned within twenty-four hours. However, it is mandatory to attach your Aadhar card or PAN card while applying for a loan.

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