How to Get the Best Welcome Bonus From Non GamStop Casinos?

One of the biggest advantages of non GamStop casinos is the welcome bonus. This is a bonus for new players who have not registered at the casino before. Because casinos are always looking for more players, the welcome bonus works as a kind of lure. After all, this is one of the first extras you see as a player.

But what types of welcome bonus are there exactly and which casino offers the best welcome bonus? That partly depends on your own preferences, but also on the conditions. This small print can make the difference between a nice bonus and a letdown. Below you can read exactly how to choose the best bonus at non GamStop casinos and where to find it. 

Which Welcome Bonuses Are Available at Non GamStop Casinos?

There are different types of welcome bonuses in non GamStop casinos. Casinos usually use one type of bonus, but in some casinos you can choose which bonus you use. There are also casinos that offer a mix of different welcome bonuses.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is one of the most popular welcome bonuses. A casino gives (part of) your first deposit in the form of bonus money. This deposit bonus is often indicated as a combination of a percentage and a maximum amount. A deposit bonus of 50% with a maximum of €100 means that you get half of your own deposit extra in the form of bonus money. So if you deposit € 200, you will receive the maximum €100.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is almost the opposite of the deposit bonus. As the name makes clear, you do not have to make a deposit for the no deposit bonus. The moment you create an account at the online casino, you receive a bonus. Often these bonuses are lower than the deposit bonuses.

Free spins

Free spins come as a deposit bonus and no deposit bonus. The big difference between the free spins welcome bonus and other welcome bonuses is that you do not know in advance how much you will get. Instead of an agreed amount, you get a number of free spins. The winnings from these free spins are then yours – subject to the conditions.

Why Do You Receive a Welcome Bonus From Non GamStop Casinos?

For non GamStop casinos, welcome bonuses are a smart form of marketing. This makes playing at a casino more attractive because you start playing with a bonus.

So, offering a welcome bonus serves to get new players through the online door – after that it’s the casino’s job to convince players that they don’t want to go anywhere else.

Advantages of a Welcome Bonus in a Non GamStop Casino

●      A good start: the welcome bonus gives you a head start in the online casino as a player. That is of course so nice. 

●      Extra reason to get to know a new casino: you can only spend your gaming budget once. So, in principle you only need one good casino as a player. With the welcome bonus you have an extra reason to try something new. You never know where that will lead. 

●      More chances of winning: whichever welcome bonus the casino chooses, you always get extra chances of winning. Playing with bonus money ensures a second chance, while free spins always offer the opportunity to make a hit.

What Are the Conditions of Non GamStop Casinos’ Bonuses

Non GamStop casinos are of course not charities, so the welcome bonus also has conditions. These ‘small print’ are generally clearly marked, but you should read them. The following conditions are most common:

●      Wagering conditions: if you receive bonus money, you are usually not allowed to withdraw it just like that. That money must then be used first. The wagering conditions prescribe how often you have to wager the (winnings from the) bonus before you are allowed to withdraw the winnings from the bonus money. Sometimes there are also special conditions for games in the live casino or there is a maximum bet during wagering.

●      Withdrawing money: for most bonuses for which you have to deposit money, you cannot simply withdraw your own balance. If you can, you will normally lose your bonus money. In most cases, however, you will first have to meet the wagering requirements before you can make a withdrawal at all.

●      Limited validity: the bonus money is also not always available. Especially with deposit bonuses you have a certain number of days to meet the conditions.

●      Minimum and maximum amounts: Finally, there are often minimum amounts that you must deposit in order to receive a welcome bonus. That is usually higher than the smallest deposit you can make. There is also sometimes a maximum that you can win with a welcome bonus.

How to Use Non GamStop Casino Welcome Bonus Effectively?

Choose a Bonus That Suits You

A high welcome bonus is only worth a lot if it suits your way of playing. Do you not play very often and prefer to play with lower stakes? Then it might not be worth depositing €250 for the maximum bonus.

In general, you first play with your own money. To wager the bonus 30x, you need to wager a total of €7,500. That is not for every player.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Casino

This is certainly not the favorite tip of non GamStop casinos, but as a player you can simply create an account at various new online casinos and use several welcome bonuses. It is up to the casino to convince you to remain a regular player.

Choose Your Games

If you have to wager a welcome bonus, you naturally want to have as much as possible left over at the end of the ride. Online slots with low volatility are excellent for this.

Although the maximum wins here are somewhat lower than in slots with a higher volatility, the chance is also a lot higher that you will play longer with your budget and therefore have more money left after wagering.

Don’t Try to Outsmart the Casino

Non GamStop casinos have different rules about wagering the bonus, but in general it is generally not allowed to abuse the bonus. For example, you can bet on red and black on roulette and play with minimal risk until you have met the conditions. Such antics can ensure that the casino intervenes and you still lose the bonus. Or even worse, you get a bonus ban or your entire account is suspended.

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