How To Give Your Room a Summer Vibe

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, and what better way to enjoy it than by bringing the summer vibe into your very own bedroom? Cold, cloudy weather is out and the time for sun-drenched, airy spaces is definitely in. With these simple tips, you can turn your room into a summer oasis in no time!

Give your room a summer color palette

Summer is all about bright, vibrant colors, so why not start by giving your room a summery color palette? White is the obvious go-to – it gives a clean, pretty look to any space and works excellently to reflect natural light and brighten up a room. But if you’re looking to switch it up, turquoise is another choice summer hue. What says summer more than the rolling waves of the beach, and what better way to bring that vibe into your bedroom than with a coating of tranquil blue turquoise?

Give your room a sense or airiness

Once you’ve chosen your summer color palette, it’s time to start making your room feel more airy and light. Open windows, a ceiling fan and maybe even the best air purifier you can find (at an affordable price) can go a long way in freshening up your bedroom to give it that breezy summer feel. Decluttering is also a wise idea – get rid of any excess clothes, shoes, books, etc. that you don’t need or use and put them into storage.

Add subtle summer details here and there

Now it’s time for the fun part – adding subtle summer details around your room to really give it that perfect summery vibe. A vase of fresh flowers, some pretty patterned throw pillows, a scented candle or two, some well-placed books – anything that makes you feel happy and relaxed can be a great addition.

Go for the wooden look

One of the best ways to achieve a summery feel in your bedroom is by incorporating natural wooden elements. A beautiful wooden headboard or bed frame can really add some warmth and charm to a room, along with a white distressed bedside table and dresser – it’s a great way to add to the light, airy summery feel.

Add some summer scents

Last but not least, don’t forget to add some summer scents to your room! Citrusy, floral or even just a light, refreshing scent can really help to transport you to summertime. A diffuser with essential oils is always a great option, or even just a couple of candles in your favorite summer fragrance.

Keep your bedroom clean

One of the most important things to remember when trying to achieve a summery vibe in your bedroom is to keep it clean! A tidy, well-organized room will always feel more inviting and relaxing than a cluttered, messy space. So make sure to keep up with your regular cleaning routine and maybe even add in a few extra dustings.

The Takeaway

With these simple tips, you can turn your room into a summer oasis in no time! So what are you waiting for? Start making your bedroom feel like summer today.

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