How to increase your broadband speed in rural areas

Many people living in rural areas of the UK struggle to get sufficient broadband and internet speeds compared to urban cities. Whilst efforts have been made in recent years to change this, it is still a key issue for a lot of households. That is why we want to tell you about a few things you could do to help improve your internet speed and the overall quality of your rural broadband.

Get a leased line

A leased line is an extremely popular and effective way of speeding up your connectivity. It is a dedicated fibre circuit that goes from your home or business to the closest fibre connection. Leased lines are one of if not the best option when it comes to internet connectivity. They can provide you with impressive broadband speeds using a fibre optic line. This line is flexible and can be altered to give you more or less speed as needed. The benefits of a leased line are:

·        99.99% Uptime

·        Speeds that can’t be matched (1Gbps)

·        Dedicated line

·        Voucher scheme to get discounted installation

·        Not impacted during ‘peak times’

Shop around for deals

With so much competition, broadband providers need to be as cost effective as possible on their packages. It is always a good idea to shop around for deals no matter where you live, but especially in rural communities. There might be a company out there that is able to offer you faster speeds.

You don’t have to stick with the big main companies like BT, there are many local broadband providers that are specifically focused on helping rural areas access better connectivity and speeds.

4G Wi-Fi

A good way to increase your rural broadband speed is to switch to a temporary 4G Wi-Fi solution. This works by using a SIM card, plugged into the back of a specially designed router. The router then provides Wi-Fi or wired connectivity to your devices. If the 4G connection is not as strong as it should be, don’t worry, an antenna can be fitted to the router to allow it to pick up better 4G signals.


For those who are in a slightly less remote area, point-to-point communications might be more beneficial. This method transmits a data signal wirelessly using microwaves from one point to another. These points need to both be within line of sight of each other. By using point-to-point, you can reliably transmit a signal between two points and bring a stronger connection to your building. The signal can increase your broadband speed, but it does need another place with access to a good broadband connection.

Upgrade your Wi-Fi router

Upgrading your Wi-Fi router can improve your speed by lowering the latency and giving you a better, stronger Wi-Fi signal as well as Wi-Fi at a further distance. Taking away older technology from your broadband is always a useful and easy way to improve your speed. Upgrading to newer tech helps reduce the risk of errors and generally increase your connectivity across the board. 

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