How To Install A New Car Speaker In Your Car


If you are interested in installing a new speaker in your car, it would be best to learn it first. You can take help from a professional, a friend, or a family member who knows about it. The first thing you need to consider is to find the best speaker for your car. For this purpose, you need to consider the model of your car and find a suitable car speaker for yourself. You can also check four wheeler speakers for this concern

After buying the speaker for your car, you need to move towards the next steps. These steps include gathering necessary tools, removing the previously installed speaker, and fixing the new one. This guide provides you with detailed information about the steps that are involved in installing a new car speaker. But it is also necessary to have the required knowledge to perform these tasks efficiently and without any issue.

Let’s have a look at the steps involved in installing a new car speaker:

Gather Necessary Tools

The first step after choosing the best speaker for your car is to gather all the necessary tools that are required to install the speaker. Make sure you buy high-quality tools from authentic sources. You can also ask a professional for this concern to find the best tools.

Common tools that are required for this purpose are socket wrenches, hobby knives, crimping tools, wire cutters, electric drills, soldering iron, and many more tools. You must know how to use these tools. If not, you can ask the one who knows about it. So, learn about using these tools first and then move towards the next steps.

Remove Factory Speaker

You need to remove the already installed factory speaker before installing a new one. The method for removing the old speaker depends upon different factors such as the location of the speakers. The speakers can be present in different locations such as car doors, front dashboards, etc.

Let us tell you that you can easily remove the speakers if they are present on the dashboard. You just need a screwdriver for removing the grilles and screws. Make sure you focus on the polarity of the terminals that are connected to the speakers while removing your old car speakers.

Connect New Speaker

After removing the old speakers, you need to install your new speakers. These speakers can be four-wheeler speakers or any other type of speaker. It would be best if you have the instructions that come with the packaging of a new speaker. No doubt, it is not a very easy task to connect a new speaker with the electrical system of your car.

When connecting your new speaker, you should make sure that the polarity of your car is matched with the connections of the speaker. If there is no simple type of connection available in your car, it would be best if you connect the speakers with a crimped or soldered connection.

Perform Testing Operation

You need to test the speaker after connecting it with your car’s electrical system. The purpose of testing is to save your time in the future. For testing the speaker, you need to reconnect the negative terminal of the battery and turn on the radio of your car to check the sound quality.

If the sound quality is good and there is no glitch, it means the speakers have been connected successfully with your car. But if the speaker is not working or you do not notice visible vibrations at high volume efficiency, it means there is an issue with the electrical connection.

Secure the Speaker

The next step is to keep the speaker secure and fixed at its place. It is because the speakers work efficiently when they are secure in their seats. Moreover, they also provide remarkable sound quality as they work properly when fit in a place.

It would be best if your new speakers are fixed at the place of your old speaker system. You can secure the speaker with the help of screws. If the speakers cannot fix in the place of old speakers, you may need to make some custom screw holes.

Replace Speaker Grilles

The last step is to replace the speaker grill that you removed before installing your new speaker in the car. So, it is necessary to keep all the screws in a safe place when you remove them. When you re-secure the screws and grill, you can enjoy your new speakers in your car.


  1. What tools are required to install a new speaker in your car?

You need a screwdriver, wrenches, electrical tape, hobby knife, panel removal tool, crimping tool, soldering iron, wire cutter, drill, and some other related tools for installing a new speaker in your car.

  1. Where can you install a speaker in your car?

You can install a speaker on the dashboard of your car and the doors of the car.

  1. How much does it cost to install a new speaker in your car?

It costs about $20 to $200 to install a new speaker in your car depending upon the type of speaker.


You need to remove the old speakers installed in your car before installing a new one. Make sure you buy the one that enhances the look of your car and adds value to it. You must have all the required tools and skills to remove the old speakers and install the new ones in your car efficiently.

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