How to not overpay for auto insurance for young people

It is not easy to find cheap car insurance but it’s not impossible. It is true that the policies that people under 25 take out have a higher price in general, but do not despair. You can find deals and get cheaper car insurance for young people who take their first steps behind the wheel. Today we are going to analyze precisely which is the cheapest car insurance for both young and older people, and we will see what tricks can help you so that the policy costs less.

Yes, surely they have already told you many times that insurers have young people as more reckless drivers. For most companies, insuring young people under the age of 25 or with less than two years of driving experience is risky.

In fact, statistics confirm that younger drivers give more parts, especially for small bumps that can be attributed to that lack of experience. This is one of the reasons why young people pay more for a car policy. However, there are alternatives to lower the price of your first car policy, go here to check or we tell you below in this post.

Think that you can find cheap car insurance for young people by comparing coverage and choosing the appropriate contracting modality. In addition, some insurers offer car insurance for young people with guarantees designed for you and at very reasonable prices.

In fact, you can find cheap car insurance online in our comparator and save a little money just by filling out a form. But if you want to know what is the cheapest car insurance for young people, read on.

Which car insurance is the cheapest for young people?

If you are looking for the cheapest price and you are under 25 years old, the first thing you should look at to ensure your car is the contracting modalities that you have at your disposal. The coverages included in the policy largely determine the price of the premium, and that is important to take into account when you are young and are looking for an insurance company for your vehicle.

Most teens who have just gotten their licenses to take their first rides in used cars. The pocket of young people does not usually give to buy a brand new model and almost all of us have acquired our first car in the second-hand market. If you are at that point, these applications to buy second-hand cars may interest you.

If so, the best option is probably to take out Third Party or Extended Third Party insurance. They are basic policies that include the necessary coverage to hit the road with peace of mind and at an affordable price. If you want cheap car insurance for young people, taking out a third-party policy may be a good option.

All risk insurance for young people? It depends on the car.

Another possibility is that you are one of the privileged ones who can afford to buy a new car and release it with the recently approved license. In this case, perhaps you should think about giving better coverage to the vehicle and ask about All Risk insurance.

These policies include the coverage of Own Damages and, in new cars, they cover the total loss of the vehicle and compensate you with the same price at which it cost you. In return, the insurer will raise the amount of the policy a lot.

Still, this may be the best option for ensuring a brand-new car, even though the insurance is considerably more expensive: think about the money it can cost to lose your brand-new car in an accident.

In this sense, it is also necessary to consider the possibility of contracting the policy in the franchise, which is a way of lowering the price of the premium, assuming a part of the risk. If you are not going to make intensive use of the car, it may be the alternative to take out good insurance for your new car.

What cheap car insurance for young people can I find on the market?

Car insurance designed for young people, at affordable prices and with coverages tailored to less experienced drivers, is increasingly present in the offers of insurers.

These policies usually offer flexible contracting modalities, which allow you to select the necessary guarantees and dispense with what you are not going to use, to save money.

In addition, there are companies that are betting on reimbursing the responsible driving of young people with discounts, in order to encourage them to drive with more caution and thus reduce the risk.

There are also companies that see clients in young people who can build loyalty and bet on adjusting the price of their policies to new drivers, offering them the same guarantees. 

Tips for getting cheaper car insurance for young people

There are ways to make your car policy more affordable when you’re young. Sometimes it is not enough to use an online cheap car insurance comparator to get the price of the policy to adjust to the possibilities of the pocket of a twenty-something. These tips for getting cheaper car insurance for young people can help.

  1. Being an occasional driver in car insurance

When you start driving, you may not be confident enough to get behind the wheel every day. If you only drive on a few occasions, one way to make car insurance cheaper is to list as an occasional driver on the policy who is in the name of someone else, which may be your parents or a family member.

This trick has the advantage that, since the owner is a veteran driver, the insurance will be cheaper. But it also has its drawbacks.

For example, as you are not listed as a regular driver, you will not enjoy the bonuses for good driving, so, in the future, any other insurance will be more expensive.

In addition, if there is a claim, this incident will be incorporated into the claim history of the policyholder, even if he had no responsibility for that event.

Therefore, before considering being an occasional driver in car insurance with another owner, we advise you to compare offers and try to insure your car. I may pay off to pay a little more now and benefit from being an insured driver with all its advantages.

What we do not recommend at all is that you regularly use someone else’s car without even listing it in the contract. Insurers explain how important it is to identify the driver of any insured vehicle and, if you don’t, they can interpret it as bad faith and render the policy void. If that happens, in the event of a claim, the accident bill will be fully borne by the driver.

  1. Payment in installments of insurance to make the policy more affordable

If you are young, any help to your economy is welcome. And insurers have understood the importance of making things easy for customers when purchasing their car insurance. One of the measures that can benefit you the most is the installment payment of car insurance.

The installment payment or installment payment of the car insurance consists of paying the premium in several installments, instead of doing it annually. Thus, you do not have to pay the entire price of the insurance at once.

More and more insurers are offering this possibility to their clients, especially the youngest. The deferred payment of the policy may involve a small price surcharge, although it is little money and compensates for the possibility of paying the insurance payment on a semi-annual or quarterly basis.