How to remove a drain stopper? Plumbing Tips

It is necessary to use a bathtub drain stopper in order to plug the drain and prevent water from running down it. It is possible for the faucet to get stuck, making turning on and off the faucet more difficult. If you choose to remove the drain stopper at this stage, you will have a better understanding of the fundamental source of the problem.

It’s also vital to comprehend how to remove your drain stopper in the event that it isn’t precisely positioned the first time around. If your stopper isn’t entirely covering the tub’s bottom when it’s in place, it may not be able to efficiently keep the water in, making bath time a hassle.

Remove a drain stopper by following the steps outlined in this article. Blocked Drains Sydney? Get in touch with a reliable team of plumbers asap.

The first step in figuring out how to remove a drain stopper is to choose which sort of stopper you will be employing to solve your issue in the first place. The most common forms of bathtub drain stoppers are described in the following section;

Stopper with a push/pull action

A push-pull rod is located on the side of this sort of stopper. The rod has a spherical handle that extends from one end, and your finger fits into the hole at the other end of the rod. The push-pull mechanism is coupled to a plunger, which plunges down into the drain to halt the flow of water in the drain. The following is the procedure for removing a push-pull tub stopper:

Remove the knob from the stopper’s top by turning it counterclockwise. Remove the stopper and knob by hand from the stopper. Make a circular motion with one hand to loosen the knob.

Does the knob seem to be too tight to remove with your hands? Grab a towel and delicately wrap it around it before releasing it with your ordinary pliers, as shown.

After it has been removed, look for the exact location where the crossbar of the strainer joins to the stopper on the stopper. Remove the pot from the strainer by using a standard flathead screwdriver to pry it out.

Tub Stopper with a Toe-Touch

Tub stoppers with toe-touch functionality are pliers-shaped and may be pushed up to release the drain. You will see that when you lower it, the handle will be released, and the stopper will seal up both drains in your bathtub. How do you remove a tub stopper that has a toe touch?

Remove one end of the plunger rod that extends out from behind the rubber top by wrapping a screwdriver or a set of tongs around it. Pry up on this rod with your tools until it is free of its resting place and may be moved.

Pulling up on the rubber top of the plunger will allow you to lift it off of its base after the plunger has been removed. In order to release the strainer, you should be able to spin the head of the strainer counter-clockwise with your hands.

When the head has been unscrewed, lift it up and away from the stopper in order to release it from the stopper.

Grip the knob on the top of the bathtub drain that is attached to this sort of stopper with your hands to keep it in place. Pull the stopper up slowly and cautiously until it comes free of its base.

Tub Stopper with a Lift and Turn Mechanism

If you have a tub stopper that lifts and turns, it is fastened with two screws. What is the best method for removing this sort of bathtub drain stopper? Also, plumbers in Sydney can help you.

One hand should be put on top of the body when the stopper is set to “open.” This will help to hold the body in place.

Remove the stopper from the strainer and gently spin the knob in the opposite direction as the stopper, looking for a screw placed on the knob. Remove the stopper from the strainer. In the event that you are unable to locate one, turn the stopper counterclockwise to remove it from the strainer until it is possible to remove it.

Occasionally, the threads are pulled out of the hole, making it hard to remove the object. Experiment with slowly turning it upward and dragging it up.

Alternatively, if your stopper does not have a screw placed directly on the knob but is still stuck, pull it up and spin it until you find a little screw.

To loosen the screw, use a screwdriver or a wrench to pry it open. To unfasten the stopper, do not entirely remove the screws from the stopper. It is vital to use extreme caution while doing this procedure, since the screw may easily fall down the drain if it is not completely removed.

If there are no set screws on either the stopper or the knob, the mechanism is most likely a channel/pin mechanism.

Disconnect the channel’s stopper and gently rotate the channel in the other direction, aligning the bottom slot on the bottom portion with the pin on the top part.

To release the stopper, wiggle it upwards.

Alternatives to Traditional Tub Stoppers

One screw holds a flip-it® tub stopper to the bottom of the overflow plate, which prevents the tub from overflowing. The removal of this style of tub stopper is usually straightforward. In order to remove the stopper, grip it by the body and twist it up and down (try it in both directions) until it comes loose.

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