How To Safely Stretch Your Earlobes

Ear lobe stretching, also known as ear gauging, is a fast-rising trend among youths. This is the process where your ear piercing is gradually stretched over time, with the largest hole having a diameter of a soda can. It symbolizes versatility and your nature of being confident to explore your ear beauty. The art of earlobe stretching has been a practice for centuries with different symbolism of this art in different people.

Earlobe stretching may symbolize that an individual has transitioned from childhood to adulthood in different parts of the world. It may also be used to enhance beauty, especially in young people.

Whichever the deal that makes you want to stretch your earlobe, it is vital that you take great care of your earlobes during this process to avoid delay in healing, infections, scarring, and even falling off of your earlobe due to excess ear trauma.

This article focuses on the things you should do before getting your earlobes stretched and tips on caring for your stretched earlobes during the healing process.

What to do before getting your earlobe stretched?

What you do before getting your earlobe stretched determines the success rate in which your ear heals and how the results will look like. Below are the things you should do to get healthy stretched ears;

Get a piercing

Ensure that your ear piercing is done by a licensed professional ear piercer who adheres to all the safety precautions during the piercing process. Although the average time taken for an ear piercing to heal usually around 1-2 months, It is important to note that everyone has a different healing time frame regarding earlobe piercing.

After an ear-piercing, allow your ear to heal fully before embarking on the earlobe stretching path.

Pre-stretch your ear

Use warm compresses to ease up your tissues and increase the amount of blood perfusion in your ears during the pre-stretching step. Soaking your ears in warm water at least 5-10 twice increasing the elasticity of your earlobe tissues

Apply oil and massage your earlobe

Applying natural oils such as coconut oil on your piercing will help soften your ear tissues and minimize the risks of scarring during the ear stretching procedure. Apply the required amount of oil on your piercing and gently massage your earlobes until the oil is fully absorbed.

Stretch your earlobes

This is the most crucial procedure and should be done without haste. Equipment needed for stretching your earlobe include

  • .Tapers-these are usually long spiky items that are used for earlobe enlargement.

.Lubricants-this is usually in the form of oil that is used to keep your ears moist and soft.

.Plugs earrings – these are the jewelry placed on your ears after your earlobe has been stretched.

The procedure of stretching your ears

·Wash your hands for at least 25 seconds

·Sterilize the equipment you are to use

·Lubricate your taper

·Gently but steadily push your taper through the pierced hole in your ear-ensure that the thinner side comes first.

·Put your plug earrings at the thicker part of your taper

·Insert your plug after the taper goes all the way through your ear hole

Tips on how to take care of your stretched ear during the healing process

·Clean your earlobe at least thrice a day with warm salty water to keep infections at bay

·Use natural oil to massage and prevent your ear skin from cracking and scarring

·Do not lie on the stretched lobe for long periods to prevent moisture build-up and super infections around your plug earring

·At least change your ear gauges between 5-6 weeks after insertion

·Avoid touching your ear gauges with dirty hands as this may cause infections

Key takeaway

Ear stretching is a delicate procedure that should be undertaken by an experienced professional. Stretching your ear fast may cause a blowout which may leave ugly scarring on your ears. Using quality plug earrings goes a long way to promote fast healing of your earlobe. Healthy stretched ears may be downsized or reduced back to their original size. If you experience increased pain, swelling, redness, and odor in your ear during the ear stretching process, you should immediately contact your doctor for a medical check-up. In addition, always use non-perfumed antiseptic soaps when cleaning your earlobes.

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