How To Save Money On Appliance Repair

So, in this big fast paced era, it is the electronic appliances that help you save time and money. Can you imagine cleaning all the clothes of the week without a washing machine on the weekends? Do you even visualize how you can save cooked food without a refrigerator?: On the red hot summer, imagine staying in the office without an air conditioner. In recent times, electronic appliances have become a part of our life. To keep them in good working order, you need contact professional services such as Wolf appliance repair.

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But maintaining a electronic appliance has its own set of challenges. It is always better to repair and maintain the appliance rather than replacing with a new one. You can save a few thousand rupees. In metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad, there are numerous nuclear families, where the husband and wife go to work. The children go to school. There is hardly any time left except on the weekends. And every rupee counts for a middle class family in India. In this article, you are going to get information on the ways to save cash on appliance repair.

  1. Symptoms

You need not be a DIY specialist, but you can definitely make a guess. You can easily get the information that a appliance is on the path to repair. And, if a qualified technician is called,  he can identify the problem at the most opportune moment, fix the issue and prevent it from getting to a bigger one. Agreed, you may a be a scientist at NASA, but when it comes to remembering and fixing a electronic appliance you may forget crucial details. So it is always better to note down exactly at the time of symptoms in your home book. So try answering the questions –

  • What do you think is the problem with your appliance? Is it performing below potential?
  • Do you find the appliance works even after having a problem?Does the issue happen each time, you switch on the appliance?
  • Have you done any changes to the appliance? Has it been moved to a new location to your home or has there a drastic changes in the weather?


  1. Make a note of the model/appliance brand/model number

You get a headstart when you know details about the model, model number and brand. When you call a qualified technician for help (see the details in the last paragraph), he will enquire the details for bringing the appropriate tools. The brand name is easy to find. Locating the model number is a challenge. For some appliances and brand, you can find it in a panel on the back side of the unit or via the information label in some part of the appliance. In some brands, the electronic appliance has the removable bottom panel with the model number printed in the interior.

Are you passionate about your home? Or does your spouse take care of the family details? Then, check for the make as well model of the appliance in the user manual of the appliance. In case you do not have the user manual, nor locate the model number, then write down the points such as the name of brand, brief description on the appliance. The age of the appliance. Just remember and write any of its important features that can set it apart from the other brands. When the technician calls, inform the details.

  1. Warranty

Have you brought the appliance within a year? Then you still have the warranty. In a similar situation, you do not have to pay for replacement of the parts. Just to let you know, that some brands cover even the labor expenses. But not all. So ensure you know the details of coverage and non-coverage.

  1. Preparing for the technician

You might get the best appliance repair service in your city, but what matters most is how to make the best of your time. The main reason, some technicians charge fees for spending more than half a day. If you find the washing machine full of water, take off the clothes and drain the water. This method saves time. Also, clean the area around the appliance, and ensure that the appliance does not touch the wall. This action allows the technician to access the back portion of the appliance. He can, in fact, start work right away and fix the issue within short time.

Before making a start, the power to the appliance has to be switched off. Also ensure that the wires to the switch box is clear.

  1. Proper Service

Some of the home services companies in Bangalore or any other part of the world will offer low fees. But they will charge hidden fees to raise the bill. So, it is always a good idea to ask the technician or home services company the following information –

  • Can I avail of the service at my own convenient time? If the service time falls above schedule, do the technician charge extra fees?
  • Do I have to pay for travel charges?
  • Do you also charge service fees?

Many of the companies specializing in home improvement services, Bangalore are honest and give the perfect estimate. So you do not have to worry about the fees nor the surprise charges.

  1. Maintenance of Appliance

The best way to save money is to prevent the appliance from repair. So ensure that the appliance is serviced at least once in six months.


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Also, let us imagine, you stay in Bangalore. You find that the fridge is on repair and it has worked to its potential for the past five years. The warranty period has expired. So how do you go about selecting the best technician for refrigerator repair in Bangalore? You do not have to worry. There are a new set of companies which have changed the traditional way of providing services in Bangalore. These companies have qualified repair professionals in their customer care list, and offer doorstep services. All of the companies have an app with simple features. To place a request and book a service as per your convenience, you have to download and install in your mobile. The concerned executive will come on the specified time and fix the fridge. There will be no hidden charges and after you make the payment, a copy of the bill will be sent to your registered email id.

Do you have any additional tips for saving money on appliance repair? Let us know in the comments!

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