How To Select The Right Mascara For Your Eyelashes?

Do you want to add a little drama to your makeup look? If yes, then nothing is better than lifting your eyelashes with mascara. As there are so many different mascaras available in the market, it can become confusing for you to pick the right one. A mascara manufacturer must be able to deliver what he has promised on the product’s packaging. Let’s find out how you can pick the right mascara for you with the help of below pointers: 

Curling Mascara For Long Lashes: 

Every person does not have the same eyelash. If you have long lashes, picking a mascara with a curling formula is suggested. It helps enhance your long lashes by lifting them so your eyes appear wide open. Using this mascara, you can create cat eyes by combing the eyelashes to the edge. Focus on pulling apart the outer lashes to get that glamorous appearance. 

Better To Stick To The Black Color: 

Nowadays, you will find mascaras in many different colors. But sticking to the black on the best option as it is universal. It suits everyone with different hair color, eye color, and skin tone. When you apply black mascara, it draws everyone’s attention to your beautiful eyes. 

However, there are a few exceptions as well. People who have light-colored or blonde eyelashes should skip the black mascara. They should pick brown mascara that doesn’t look very odd compared to the natural color of their eyelashes. 

Volumizing Mascara To Get Thick Eyelashes: 

Voluminizing mascara is quite popular amongst makeup enthusiasts. It makes your lashes appear fuller. It seems like you have used falsies when you apply the volumizing mascara. However, you need a bit of practice to learn the right way to apply this mascara. The formula of volumizing mascara is very thick, so you must be focused while applying it to spread it evenly on your lashes. It is advised to use this mascara occasionally as it makes your lashes heavier. 

Avoid Using A Waterproof Formula: 

No doubt, waterproof mascaras stay on your lashes for a long time. But it has some drawbacks as well. You have to scrub your eyelashes to remove it, and it can be damaging. Or else you require an oil-based makeup remover to remove the waterproof mascara. The harm you do to your lashes while removing this mascara is not worth it. However, you can apply it on special occasions to enhance the longevity of your eye makeup. 

To Sum Up

Mascara is a must-have product for your vanity. Without mascara, your makeup look isn’t complete. Many mascaras are accessible, and it becomes quite overwhelming to choose the right formula for yourself. You can pick the volumizing mascara to create thick eyelashes if you have very light lashes. Ensure to use a primer before applying your mascara to improve its longevity. 

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