How to start spelling and grammar checker in word 2010 with keyboard shortcut

The spelling and grammar checker is one of the most important tools in any word processor. It is a good idea to have it enabled, as this will ensure that your documents are free from spelling and grammatical mistakes. However, it often happens that you have to turn off the spelling and grammar checker for some reason. For example, if you want to write something in a hurry, or if you are writing an e-mail message with a lot of slang words that do not appear in the dictionary.

Is it easy to start spelling and grammar checker with a keyboard?

Yes, you can use a keyboard shortcut to start spelling and grammar checker in word 2010. It will help you to check spelling and grammar easily. Also, you can stop the spelling and grammar checker from running by pressing a particular key combination.

To start the spelling and grammar checker with the keyboard, press the [Ctrl] key on your keyboard. While pressing this key, press the ‘F7’ key from your computer keyboard. This will open up the proofing pane on your screen which shows options for checking spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in your document.

If you want to navigate through this window, then use arrow keys or mouse movements instead of pressing more keys on your computer keyboard.

What are the steps to start spelling and grammar checkers with a keyboard?

There are different ways of starting the spell checker. The most common way is to use the keyboard shortcut keys.

Step 1: Press the [Ctrl] key on your computer keyboard. This will open a drop-down menu with several options. Step 2:

Step 2: Press the ‘F7’ key from your computer keyboard to start spelling and grammar checker.

Step 3: You will see a pop-up box asking you if you want to start the spelling and grammar checker. Click on ‘Yes’ to start using the spell checker.

What is the importance of a spelling and grammar checker?

When you write something, it is important to make sure that you are using the correct spelling and grammar. If you are writing an official document or some other form of communication that requires a professional tone, then having this tool at your disposal is a great way to ensure that your writing is on point.

A can help with more than just finding mistakes in your work; it can also help with writing faster. When you know what words are spelled incorrectly, it makes sense to go back and fix them. This means that as soon as one idea has been corrected, the next idea will be easier to write because time was saved by fixing the previous error! A spelling and grammar checker can also help you find common mistakes that you might have otherwise missed. For example, many people confuse “less” and “fewer,” or use the wrong form of a verb when they write. A spelling and grammar checker will catch these kinds of errors so that they don’t slip through the cracks and make their way into your writing.

What are the benefits of using a spelling and grammar checker?

If you are a blogger, content writer or a student and want to improve your writing skills then spell checker is the best option for you. It will help you in improving your grammar and punctuation errors. If you have been writing for some time then it is possible that sometimes we make mistakes while typing our ideas. The spelling checker will help you in finding out those mistakes so that they can be corrected before submitting the article or document to anyone else. It also helps when it comes to saving time as well as money because if there are any errors in the documents submitted by us then they might reject them immediately without going through further process which could waste our time too.


In this article we have learned about the typing tool in word 2010, how to activate it and use it with keyboard shortcuts. It is not only a good tool for checking spelling errors but also grammar errors, which helps us to improve our writing skills.

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