How to Successfully Sell Jewelry Online

Whether handcrafted, plated, vintage or completely modern, jewelry is one of the most profitable niches when it comes to global internet purchases. All the buzz it’s generating on the internet makes a reasonable prediction that it will reach a value of $340 billion by 2023.

But despite an obvious growth, there are still gaps to fill in the digital market for it to reach its full potential. Just like clothes, jewelry sells best when buyers have a chance to try them on. But since they are on a digital landscape, they only read product descriptions.

Hence, business owners engaged in this thriving market can greatly benefit from virtual reality apps like a jewelry virtual try on. The app helps decrease indecision and increase conversion. 

How does a virtual try-on work?

A virtual try-on is a type of software that allows customers to see the jewelry on themselves without physically wearing them. With a mobile device’s camera, it overlays 3D objects on the customer so he or she can realistically evaluate a piece of jewelry. With an augmented reality mirror, buyers can view jewelry from various angles as it also adapts to lighting and position changes.

How can a virtual try-on help online jewelry businesses?

A successful online business needs one or more of the same things: a stable online presence, a seamless transaction process, and reliable customer service. This can be done in many ways.

The business can engage with customers in social media, join the top e-commerce websites, or create an optimized and user-friendly website of their own. And of course, to top it all off, have smart digital marketing and advertising schemes. Yet again, any business can do exactly the same.

A more specialized niche like jewelry introduces more specific challenges as well, mainly if their product looks good on someone who’ll be wearing them. As mentioned above, selling jewelry online lacks the real-world experience of customers trying out jewelry pieces to match their clothes, skin, or make-up.

Some are unsatisfied with simply reading numbers online, meaning dimensions or weight of the jewelry. They need to at least see a 3D version of the product if the physical item is unavailable. Thus, a jewelry virtual try on app fills this gap. jewelry retailers can now deliver a personalized experience to their online shoppers and earn greater revenue.

What other issues can virtual try-ons help with?

One common issue in buying jewelry, or any other thing for that matter, is misconceptions on the dimensions, color, or hopes of matching particular outfits customers already own. Virtual jewelry try-ons provide more realistic expectations of the jewelry being sold than a simple product description can do.

Knowing about the size, material, and weight of the jewelry is one thing. It’s another to see it move in many angles, placed over various outfits or hairstyles, and under different lighting conditions. Thus, customers can make better decisions on their purchases.

Another reason is that the software helps retailers sell their most intricate or fragile pieces. Some jewelry pieces are kept safely behind glass displays because of their delicateness, and few customers get to try them on.

But with virtual try-on, interested buyers can much more engage with finer and rarer pieces of jewelry without worrying about damaging them.

Virtual try-ons also help retailers reach customers from any region, especially if they deliver globally. Clients that can’t visit physical stores have no way of evaluating more products from a store, despite having great interest in them. With try-on software, they will be encouraged to finally select one or more pieces from a business’s inventory.

Virtual try-ons reduce unsatisfied customers, product returns, poor reviews, and too many inquiries per product. Alternatively, it creates more conversions due to customers feeling more confident about the product they are buying. It is a win-win situation for both the retailer and the customer.

How can retailers use virtual try-ons in their business?

A jewelry virtual try on is software that can be integrated into a store’s website or e-commerce platform and usually works with both iOS and Android platforms. First, they have to create a digital inventory of their jewelry designs, following the rules for photographing them for optimum virtual representation.

The software then organizes into a catalog that customers can easily browse. They can then share these collections with their customers through links. Try-on software allows retailers to connect with loyal and potential customers outside their physical store’s boundaries.

Customers can now experience any type and theme of jewelry, from earrings to necklaces to rings, in real-time and not rely on limited product descriptions.

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